Zombie Farm 2 – Free Game for iOS: iPhone / iPad / iPod – Gameplay Review


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The #1 FREE Farm game just got better! Now with MORE BRAINS!

FARM – grow and harvest your very own zombies
CHOOSE – from a wide variety of crops and zombies. 100% organic!
CREATE & COMBINE– experiment and mutate zombies to create a one of a kind zombie team!
INVADE — fight zombie prejudice by unleashing your home grown zombies on the enemy!
CUSTOMIZE — unleash your inner designer with the large array of decorations to jazz up your farm
PLAY — play tag with your friends on their farms & check out what your friends are doing with their farms

Play now and discover your own one of a kind zombie team! Transfer your original farm to Zombie Farm 2 and get a free gift!

New in Zombie farm 2:
Unlimited Storage & Mausoleum Expansions
Updated Art & Backgrounds
More Brains
Improved game mechanics
Much more with more to come!!

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  1. I've been looking for this game for about 30 minutes. I remembered it being very fun but looking at this gameplay…nahh.

  2. rest in peace
    had good times as a kid except for when the password for in app purchases failed and i spent way too much money (my dad got it all back except for 50$ i had to repay)

  3. Damn I miss this game so much it brings back so much nostalgia watching this 😪. I would pay for this game to come back, we need to make a petition to play forge on their Facebook page or something

  4. i’ve been trying to find this game JUST so i could hear the music one last time..i couldn’t remember the melody but i remembered hearing it while playing this on my iphone 4 when i was seven..i remember listening to music thinking that it was beautiful. i’m so glad i found this video. hearing the music made me cry, i’ve been longing to hear it for years.

    & seven year old me was right..it is beautiful..

    goodbye 2012..a simpler time.❤️

  5. I remember when I was 4 my parents did not have enough room for me to stay so I had to sleep with my dad and I would be up playing this on my iPad

  6. Me: Hay, Mom. Can I play PvZ?
    Mom: We have that game.
    PvZ at home:

    (But seriously, The Nostalgia Tho)

  7. Please,,, get this game back. I don’t know what happened before but it will never be the same this time. This game was just too awesome…… hope u read this, zombiefarm officials

  8. I'm one of the few people that can still play this. I actually still have this game on my iPod touch 3g. It was stored away for years and we finally found it. I can still enjoy this great game. I am never connecting it to the internet tho because then I might not be able to play it

  9. I miss this game so much it used to help me with my anxiety and I'm so sad that it was removed I'm going through these videos to remember the good times 🙁


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