Youth Ministry Games -Trainwreck


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Game Instructions:

– Have everyone circle up in chairs with one person standing in the middle.

– The person in the middle will say their name and something that applies to them. (ex: “My name is Jake and I am wearing jeans)

– If that applies to anyone else in the group, then those people have to get up and find a new seat (in bigger groups they cannot take the seat directly next to them)

– Whoever doesn’t find a seat goes to the middle!

– The person in the middle can also say “TRAINWRECK” and everyone has to find a new seat!

… One variation is moving the group in tight. If you like chaos, then this is perfect!

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  1. Hey thanks so much for this! Its so hard to find good YouTube youth ministry games like this, I would love to see more of this contetn as it has really blessed me and my ministry.

    Regards from Australia!


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