You Can't Beat My BUTT GUNS – Death Battle – Let's Roll


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We pop on our butt guns to take each other on in a Death Battle in this board game gameplay.
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  1. Bruh, they need to make a Death Battle Card and Dice Game Anime. As long as it doesn’t takes itself seriously, you might hit gold.
    Edit: like they have a high tech hologram field like in yugioh, and just beat the shit out of each other for 20 min making cliche anime pain sounds, inner monologues, and autistic screaming noises before giving a speech about love, peace, and friends… after beating the shit out of each other.

  2. I'm pretty sure they didn't release this earlier is because this was a mess. This is a game that looks fun to play but not very interesting to watch. There's so much to keep up with that it's hard to follow closely

  3. I love Let's Roll but I did not love this game. Too much attempting to explain and justify the rules of the game.

  4. Its weird hearing Michael making all those Yugioh references when he's still in the Shadow Realm from that first fight with Andy

  5. Almost clicked away cause I thought Jeremy was going to be in this one too to ruin it. Luckily he was not. Refuse to watch anything with him in it. He's trash.

    He joined half way so I ended the video

  6. A symbiote suit…with heat vision..and fire breath…DON'T YOU PEOPLE READ THE COMICS!! Fire=Bad for symbiotes…. ;P


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