Women's Uneven Bars Final – London 2012 Olympics


Full highlights from the Women’s Uneven Bars Final from the North Greenwich Arena at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Russia’s Aliya Mustafina won Gold with China’s He Kexin in Silver and Great Britain’s Elizabeth Tweddle with the Bronze medal.

Artistic gymnastics was introduced at the very first Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens, and has been present at every edition of the Games since then. At the beginning, it comprised disciplines that are difficult to qualify as “artistic”, such as climbing and acrobatics.

The foundations of the Olympic gymnastics programme were laid at the 1924 Games in Paris, when the men’s apparatus individual and team competitions appeared. In 1928, women were included in the Amsterdam Games. It was not until 1952 that the women’s programme was developed, with seven events, and then stabilised at six events as from the 1960 Games in Rome.

Find more about Artistic Gymnastics at www.olympic.org/artistic-gymnastics

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  1. Komova needs to learn sportsmanship and stop being a cry baby. She didn't even cheer for her teammate, or even get up to congratulate Aliya on her gold. Just sat and sulked. Lots of Komova tears in the 2012 Olympics. 💧

  2. Ага ! … Образец и эталон всемирных судей королевского двора нах.))) ! своей горбатой гимнастке на четвереньках ,присудили 2 место мля ! … фу ! … а япошку засудили по максимуму ! вот оно как по справедливости !

  3. I love watching this videos maybe some day I will be able to do this someday I know I can do and and I will try my hardest to pretest at home as hard as I can

  4. Tweddle did not deserve such a high execution score. The home ground advantage works I suppose. They just had to give her something to please the crowd. Douglas tanked both in the beam and in the bars final. I was not surprised

  5. I missed London 2012 I was studying full on for a physics degree. I'm just catching up on things now. WELL DONE BETH TWEDDLE!!!


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