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A playthrough of LJN’s 1991 NES game, Wolverine.

Wolverine was a US exclusive when it was released back in 1991, and (thank merciful God) was a huge step up from total abortion that was The Uncanny X-Men game.

You (obviously) play Wolverine. He’s been trapped on some island by Magneto and Sabretooth, and (big surprise) has to go after them and beat them to make his escape. It’s pretty standard platforming with themed stages that are fairly large and branching, with many areas having “secret” doors (read: doors that are slightly off of the direct path to the exit) that will give you upgrades, power-ups, and refills for your troubles.

Wolverine can punch stuff to death with his fists, or with a push of the Select button, can whip out his claws and shred stuff at the cost of a bit of his health gauge with every swipe. If he kills enough baddies without taking hits, his bezerker mode kicks in. This gives him invincibility and stronger attacking power, but since he’s a “bezerker” (not the one from The Combatribes), you can’t really control when he slashes. Seriously, this is the first time I remember playing a game where the invincibility power becomes such a liability: if you try to jump and Wolverine decides it’s time to slash, well, good luck. It will kill any momentum behind the jump and probably send you directly into a pit, fire, or spikes. Besides that, though, it’s surprisingly easy. There are a lot of power-ups lying around, and even some of the later cheap traps (like those gas jets in the last level) are pretty easy to get by once you remember where they are and take your time getting through them.

The graphics are fair – they’re nicely detailed and colorful, even though they’re awfully small. The music is pretty ace, though. It was done by Geoff Follin, and it certainly sounds like Geoff Follin. It’d be fairly easy to mistake it at first listen to something off of the Silver Surfer soundtrack, even it this one’s music isn’t *quite* as good.

Wolverine is a pretty solid game, especially for one burdened with the LJN logo, and is way better than the Wolverine game on the SNES (somehow) – so, if you like Xmen titles that aren’t absolute garbage, this might be one to try out!
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. I played this throught omg the nostalgia.
    Im still salty tho im stuck at the final stage I cant get him to push off the cliff

  2. I don't understand the story here. Did Sabertooth trap him in some labyrinth of deathtraps or something lol?

  3. Man, Wolvie has always been an inspiration to me, I think since '90. I always hated when he got hurt in this. Wonderful game, and the music….

  4. It's obvious that they never read the comics because this definitely didn't look like a wolverine game wolverine adamantium rage however did feel like a wolverine game despite not being that good

  5. There's a romhack that gives you recovery time and makes it so the claws don't hurt you. It makes the game pretty damn good.

  6. Actually there was shortcut to go next level, but i just found 2, at lv1 to lv 2 and lv 4 to lv 6, tell me if there another shortcut


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