WINNING LEVELS – How to make a Video Game in Unity (E09)


Let’s make a way to reach new levels!

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This video is part of a mini-series on making your first game in Unity.


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Edited by the lovely Sofibab.


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  1. I'm having a problem with the end screen, because for some reason the game doesn't stop when the level is completed, thus when my character falls off the game restarts. My code is practically the same.

  2. Good Evening Gentlemen…
    I followed every step as usual , when i run the record i can see the animation , but when i disabled / uncheck the "LevelComplete " Image , to press run to play the game , there is no animation , just showed the level complete without the animation , Unless i check the loop option back , which is a problem , it kept repeating , but when i uncheck it , i do not see the animation .
    "Note" when you created the animation folder , i didn't the two option inside the folder in my game , i dragged it , May you help me, I only saw the levelComplete with the map , Sorry it might be the unity free version i have , but i want to see this game in action .
    Any help would be appreciated , Thank you bracekys for this tutorial.

  3. My player had been rotating on the x axis for some reason. Here is the code I used to fix it (added it to the Player Script)

    if (transform.position.x <= 8 && transform.position.x >= -8 && transform.position.y >= -1)

    transform.rotation = Quaternion.identity;


    "transform.rotation = Quaternion.identity" basically resets the rotation (I think).
    The "if" statement checks whether the block is on the platform; that way the player still rotates when it falls off.
    The player will also still rotate when it hits a block, since the whole Player Script gets disabled on collision.

  4. Someone help, when i get to the trigger. My cubes physics go really weird and I’m not moving anywhere. The UI doesn’t even show up! Any help?

  5. Using your Method, and a bit of tweaking, I managed to create a Restart UI, so that when the player collides with an obstacle, the movement script stops, and a UI panel appears saying 'YOU LOSE!". But I can't get it to stay on the screen for an amount of time.

  6. I have a problem: in my animation event i can't find a function called "LoadNextLevel()" i'm using unity 2019.3 PLEASE HELP!!

  7. HI..

    using UnityEngine;

    public class endTrigger : MonoBehaviour {

    public Gamemange gamemanage;

    void OnTriggerEnter()






  8. bruhhhh I was stuck on this for 3 days straight and I have probably lost 20 years to my life span in stress because I spelt trigger tirigger.

  9. as soon as i start it says level won even thjo the trigger isnt even close
    EDIT: For the people that has the same problem: Make sure the trigger box thing is kinematic and dont put in In the floor

  10. Hey can someone help me with the text at 4:06? The boundaries won’t scale up and the font size won’t increase past 27.

  11. 7:50 Can somebody help me with this? I've done exactly what he's done but no text is showing up/ fading in. I think it might be because the background is covering it, but I don't know. Thanks!

  12. My animation looks good and the trigger works fine, but even though the Level Complete panel is disabled at the start, it plays the animation when I start the level instead of when I end it. Any ideas?

  13. when im using the script LoadNextLevel () give me an error cs1002 ; when i put the ";" in the end throws me another error "LevelComplete.LoaddNextLevel() must declare a body because it is not marked abstract, extern, or partial im using unity 2019-. Please help

  14. When I try to do the animation and i switch to 'level' to make it transparent it ends my recording. If I try to record on the 'level' tab the background dosent fade in. And the same with the 'complete' tab. Is there any way to fix this?

  15. i have a problem im using the 2019.3.15 unity version and when i try to do the animation recorder thing its not recoeding and i dont know why if you can help with that?

  16. For me is not accepting to drag the game manager to the End trigger script-Game manager 3:03,(btw I change the game manager name, I put with one more “r” because was saying that “The namespace ‘<global namespace>’ already contains a definition for ‘GameManager’”)…HELPP!!!

  17. lol the only reason why my level complete wasn't showing up was due to the z axis not being a 0.
    hope this helped someone.


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