Wii Sports Resort – Swordplay Showdown: Levels 1-10 (Untouched)


WATCH IN 1080p 60fps!!

In this video, I’ll be playing levels 1-10 of Swordplay Showdown.

0:54 Level 1: Bridge (Cole)
2:09 Level 2: Lighthouse (Gabi)
3:27 Level 3: Beach (Miguel)
4:45 Level 4: Mountain (Alisha)
6:32 Level 5: Forest (Hiromasa)
8:28 Level 6: Ruins (Sarah)
10:17 Level 7: Waterfall (Marco)
12:38 Level 8: Cliff (Asami)
14:59 Level 9: Castle (Anna)
17:10 Level 10: Volcano (Gabriele)

Swordplay Showdown:
Fight a horde of sword fighters! Take 3 hits, and it’s over. Defeat all the enemies to win!

Showdown is my favorite sport in Wii Sports Resort! This mode is very fun but stressful to play. It’s pretty challenging to complete all levels without taking a single hit! I cover how to get the first 3 stamps in this episode.


Not a Scratch: Obtained at 1:51
Clear any stage without taking a hit and losing a heart.

Sword Fighter: Obtained at 19:28
Clear the first 10 stages of Showdown.

Perfect 10: Obtained at 19:28
Clear stage 10 without taking a single hit and losing a heart.

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  1. Now slaughtering other tourists in the resort they’re staying in with plastic swords is the favourite thing of wii players


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