Twister – See Sloane & Katrina Play and Teach the Game


Here is one of our “lost” videos! We shot it back in 2009 when we first started Fit For A Feast. We were experimenting with green screens and this was one of the first times we put one up on the back wall. That’s why we have a green background. We didn’t have it smooth enough so we didn’t end up putting in a background photo and just have left it green. When making a video, if you have a green or blue screen, you can do a special effect of changing the background by taking out the green with your editing software and putting in whatever you would like as the background.
We have just left this one green.

This video is a very fun one with Sloane age 11 and Katrina age 10 playing Twister with their two friends. Twister is a very fun game that is usually played indoors with two to four people. It’s a good choice of a game because it requires some physical movement. It is also a very fun game for parties of any age! You can hear the girls giggling while playing. It’s also fun to hear Sloane and Katrina’s young voices. Speaking of voices, these girls also joined in and sang on our “Fit For A Feast” song that you hear in the beginning. We have included our original opening song and video clips to go with this video since it is one of the very first ones that we shot. We just happened to find this footage and realized we never did edit or post it.

We hope you have fun watching us. It will remind you of the early days here at Fit For A Feast.

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Thank you for watching and please let us know what you think! 🙂


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