Top Skater [Model 2] [Arcade] by SEGA (S-Rank) [HD] [1080p60]


Top Skater (トップスケーター) is a 1997 sports game developed by Sega AM3 for the Model 2 arcade board.

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Top Skater (トップスケーター, 탑 스케이터, 顶尖滑板) | #TopSkater | Sega Corporation ( 株式会社セガ, 주식회사 세가, 世嘉公司) | Sega AM1 (株式会社SEGA-AM3) | #Sega | Model 2 (モデルツー, 모델 2) | #Model2 | Arcade Game (アーケードゲーム, 아케이드 게임, 街机游戏) | #Arcade | Sports Game (スポーツゲーム, 스포츠 게임, 體育遊戲) | 1CC, 1 Credit Clear, No Deaths | #1CC | Superplay, Super Play | Playthrough, Longplay | Gameplay | Walkthrough, Guide | Emulator (エミュレータ, 에뮬레이터, 游戏机模拟器) | m2emulator | High-definition (高精細, 고선명, 高解析) | HD | 1080p | 60 FPS


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  1. Este juego llego a mi ciudad y recuerdo haberlo jugado mucho en las maquinas de juegos de el patio de comidas. Comodoro Rivadavia – Chubut – Argentina

  2. Dude that secret area. They really figured out Tony Hawk in a way before Tony Hawk! No wonder it was used as inspiration!

  3. I'm sure most people using the Model 2 emulator would prefer to use an Xbox controller, but I am curious about one thing. If someone wanted an experience closer to the arcade version, how much do you think the Wii Balance Board would work?

  4. I remember playing this in the arcade and just absolutely sucking at it. Oh, and 15:45 – that can't feel too good on the knees.

  5. To activate the "SURFER" character during the character selection screen press: Tap Left 3X's, Tap Right 3X's, Tap Left 13X's.. I used to love playing this game in the ARCADE's!

  6. Skater: double back loops for the 87th time in a row
    Commentator: What a trick! Never knew such a trick was possible!

  7. I Remember seeing this ARCADE GAME while in GATLINBURG, TN with my Family. I saw it for MY FIRST TIME in THE SPACE NEEDLE ARCADE AREA..

  8. It's a shame there's no collection of these mid-late 90s sega arcade games available, didn't even know about most of them.

  9. This is a very fun game, but I really didn't enjoy playing on some Top Skater machines where the skateboard would barely turn (making ramp tricks harder).
    I even remember getting an S-rank on this at the GattiTown arcade in Greenville at one point, but didn't get a high score. Good times 🙂

  10. the fucking arcades near me won't take care of their machines, i'm tired of shifting broken manual transmissions, pushing the planet's wheight into the skateboard thing, straining my eyes on burned out crts…
    yeah, nostalgia won't help me much.

  11. This was such a fun game, Sega AM2, was so far ahead of the time with using licensed music in their arcade games, let alone in this one, real world products, and companies, I miss them, and their style… beating rockstar to the punch by years, too bad that Tony Hawk Ride wasn't more popular, we could have seen Top Skater 2 using the Ride controller would have been cool, but that's just me

  12. When I was 19 I went to E3 for the first time, the year before I signed on as a full-time professional journalist. So I spent a whole day of the show at the Sega booth playing Top Skater (when I wasn't playing Crazy Taxi or Dreamcast Soul Calibur). That was a good day.


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