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Flower Witch – 2d action game created by misinkoujou , where Kurosane the witch and her student Nako run a magic store deep in the woods.One day, they come across a white flower that they have never seen before.Its pollen had the power to put monsters into heat to offend humans…

➤Information :
Game : Flower Witch
Platform : Windows
Creator : misinkoujou / ミシン工場
Language : JAP

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  1. yeah I've started playing it too. Feels much better than its previous version. This character has more moves. My only complaint is that its hard to remap the controls because obviously its all in Jap. Also quite hard to navigate cant tell if your supposed to head up, down or right etc. All corners and sides lead to another area

  2. Hey. does anyone here have official walkthroughs of the game? Not really official but i am completely stuck. The only two locations i can find is an underwater section with a hole in the top i cant reach and a cave that leads to a small box with a love letter. any help? please?

  3. you know what's a real challenge? trying to find a sidescrolling bondage-related game where majority of the monsters/enemies attack you with bondage-related themes and potential game overs as opposed to the simple few most games tend to have.


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