SKULL ISLAND!! : Peter Jackson's King Kong | Ep1


BIG SMELLY GORILLA FACE!! Yes it’s King Kong! I’ve also caught wind that theres another one coming out, what timing! Any road sit back and enjoy all of the creepy crawlies.

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The game allows players to play as both Jack Driscoll and King Kong. The King Kong segment are played from a third-person perspective, while Driscoll’s levels are played from a first-person perspective. De-emphasizes the role of a heads-up display as the developer thought that this can help players to further immerse into the game


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  1. I remember at the kong scene where Anne is the sacrifice you could use the cheat infinitespears and you could use spears even while tied up and make her into a porcupine of spears lol

  2. I remember when I played this when I was 6, and I was actually really good at it! And when I say good I mean, I'm jealous of my younger self xd


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