Sega Top Skater Arcade Skateboard Video Game


Arcade Adventures – Episode 385 “Top Skater Arcade Skateboard Game”

Top Skater was released in 1997 and was one of the many large screen arcade games that were popular at the time like Alpine Racer. I remember playing these in the arcade all the time even though the controls were pretty hard and each play cost at least a dollar! Back then that was a lot to a kid who had to skip lunch at school just so I could save $ for the arcade lol. My son has the same reaction to these games that I did and when he ask to play there is no way I can refuse! Check him out as he tries Top Skater at the Mine Town arcade located at Hershey Park! Please like, comment and subscribe for more videos! Thanks for watching!

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  1. had no idea the Crazy Taxi people made a skateboarding game until yesterday, it's really fun! ANCIENT video, I know, but I hope your brother's doing well these days.

  2. Are there any more public locations in the midwest to find this arcade? In the late 90s I spent so much playing this game in Vegas arcade rooms.

  3. true classic. I wasted many quarters on that arcade, along with House of the Dead and Time Crisis and the Sniper game

  4. holy moly i was 11 when i first played this. The summer of '97 during the high-time of the skater years, i am 31 now.


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