Queen of Swords in 5 Minutes


Queen of Swords Upright: The Mask Cutter. One who cuts through haze or storms, capable of seeing things as they really are, not as others wish them to be perceived. Very insightful. Great clarity. Strength of intellect. Facing pain or storms with clarity and courage. A critical, analytical mind. One who can advocate for others. A serious counselor offering prudent advice, especially if it is difficult to hear/accept. A time to seek or give wise counsel. Keeping your head above the clouds, capable of seeing the big picture, with no illusions or unrealistic hopes. Rational. Critical. Economy of speech.
Queen of Swords Upright Best Course of Action: Look at things as they are, not as you wish them to be. Be the truth teller. Tell it like it is. Take emotion out of the equation. Cut through the BS. Look ahead. Point the way for others. Don’t succumb to sadness or inertia. Be discriminating in your actions, company, and decisions. Employ critical thinking, analysis, and logic to a situation. Truth is more important than delusion.
Queen of Swords Reversed: Obsessing over past mistakes instead of looking ahead. A powerful mind which has taken a wrong turn or is using logic to be nasty. Sly, unreliable judgements, this person can initially seem attractive. Gossiping. Intolerance. Logic used as a weapon. Can indicate a person, especially an older woman, in difficulty. An excess of ego, or an excess of sadness, especially over past events.
Queen of Swords Reversed Best Course of Action: Understand that your judgement may not be reliable at this time. Something might appear to be true but isn’t. Refrain from judging another. Sheath your sword, put away your wit, and hold your tongue. Consider that you might be being intolerant or too judgmental. Another in your life might be appearing confident but is troubled inside. Withhold judgement or decisions at this time.

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  1. Oh girl!….Speak the truth and shame the devil with that clarity….Reversed…Stop the continuous non productive thoughts over and over. Thanks Madelyn

  2. Im in a bind about the person I'm in a relationship with (I'm kind of figuring out that I don't love them anymore) and I asked the cards how this person would deal if I break up with them, like, how much they would be hurt and I pulled queen of swords. Does that mean they'll handle it okay?

  3. Hi Madeleine. I think someone is using your videos on their channel? Not sure if you've given permission? Called How Cast.

  4. shouldn't mistake the shield for the person behind it. or a sword for that matter. Some personality types are like lethal weapons that's for sure.

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  5. Brilliant I have this next to the death card for 2019 February. Hopefully this will be a positive omen for me to walk away from toxic situations.


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