Playing Zombie Farm 2 in 2019


I am freaking lucky to be able to play such an iconic game after it’s been shut down a few years ago. It’s a true gem and the fact that it’s still working makes me feel truly happy, this game has been for 10 years. For those who are wondering – I am playing on IPod Touch, bought probably in 2009, and the iOS hasn’t been updated for literally decades, thanks God!

My progress was crashes a long time ago and I just started playing it again, thus my level is pretty low. In short – stay away from the updates and keep every old gadget, you never know when it ‘ll become a true luck to own those!

So, enjoy this cute background music, sounds and “braiiins”


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  1. Guys, the only known way for playing this game is by keeping the old device (I am playing on iPod Touch) and having the app installed since them, without any updates 😔

    My "Zombie Life" game has crashed after the update has been done, so in case if you are lucky, do not update it!

    I'm still searching for other options on how to download it on the newer devices, I 'll definitely make a video on that. I totally agree regarding the petition, we need it back 😭😭😭❤

  2. theres a way to play zombielife again, you have to spam click before the game crashes, and BOOM, the game shall work again

  3. Good times lol. I remember visiting other players farm and trying to decorate our farm to the full. The shed and updating it to a barn lol

  4. This is what we were playing before Warzone or fortnite and shit. This is crazy sad / nostalgic for me. Pretty sure this was the first game I downloaded when I got a lil iPod touch as a kid man.

  5. I will literally make a deal with you. I would be willing to pay you money for this device if you don’t want it anymore. I will give you $80 for that phone WITH Zombie Farm 2 on it. I’m not kidding. Please reply if you would consider selling it to me.

  6. I like farming games but nowadays those types of games are just so garbage… all it’s about now is making money while farming, sell it, sell to your neighbors, make bread, grow animals…why can’t it be just og zombie farm style where you can make your fame nice too.. miss the og FarmVille as well not that shitty FarmVille 2 xD

  7. So we have to include email too to sign a petition? Just asking cause I've never signed a petition before and this is kinda new to me.


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