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  1. "We better duck, 'cause right now nobody's safe."

    What's your fav. Nintendo Game(s)? Comment down below! ♥
    Underdads ♥

  2. Bite your nails, Freddy is roaming free
    I’d better bail — Duck Season’s not for me
    If Bendy shows up, I’ll burn his ink machine
    The literature club might be ticked off at me
    But Monica wins

  3. Push and shove? Take your AIM?
    We’d better duck or else nobody’s SAFE?

    How the HELL does she play Nintendo? These are just instructions for making it past a REVOLVING DOOR.

  4. "This is getting too crazy I don't have the training"

    Yes? Ok?

    … Do you need training?

    Ohoh ! I'm interrested (and sorry my english is bad because I am french lowl :3)

  5. "We could grow up but it's no fun that way, so we treat love like it's a nintendo game. but nobody wins" so true 7w7

  6. Edits so far: 0

    Hey guys, I’m a big nintendo fan and I like the song so I wanted to compile a list of all the references I noticed in the song and the editing. I’m sorry if I mess some of these up or miss a few, I’m going purely based on what I know.

    P.S. I’m watching this between half and quarter speed and it scares me. HELP.


    0:04 is fairly obvious, it’s an overlay based on a GBC, the sequel to the gameboy released in 98.

    At 0:12 we see the main character surrounded by boos, which first appeared in Super Mario World. The character herself I don’t recognize, I assume she’s an OC.

    0:16 is level 1-2 of Super Mario Bros 1. It’s either the original NES version or an emulation of it.

    0:23 another obvious one, the first one in the song to reference a specific series. This time it’s referencing Zelda and claiming that the games take a long time. I personally disagree, I feel like some Metroid games can be longer, but my point is to compile, not critique.
    Shortly after this line is gameplay of A Link to the Past, the third game in the series and the first on the Super Nintendo.

    0:29 The song references 1-ups and we get footage of Super Mario Bros 1 again, this time in the All-stars remake compilation on the SNES and the Wii. We can see that they’re performing the famous infinite lives glitch.

    0:37 we see many screenshots of several games, starting with Duck Hunt, moving into a game I sadly do not know, then Castlevania, before followed by Zelda 1 in what I believe is the second dungeon, then the final stage of Donkey Kong, then Balloon Fight, following up with LJN’s Jaws (The hell is this in your video?), followed with the infamous game over screen of Zelda 2, proceeded by the game over screen for Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins, followed by another unknown screen, and finishing with the game over screen of BattleToads. We’re only at 0:38 when this happens, even at 0.25 these only last a second at most a piece. Keep your eyes peeled if you wanna see these yourself.

    0:40 This may not be a reference to anything, but it could be a reference to Fatal Frame, Pokemon Snap, or even the various 3DS AR games, such as Face Raiders. I thought it was worth putting here, even if it doesn’t mean much.

    0:47 We see an overlay of Mario from SMB 1 growing as though he gained a Super Mushroom just as the singer say “grow up”. I like this effect but again, not here to critique, just catalog.

    0:51 an overlay of a heart which I assume is from Zelda 1, which has been edited in an animation to pulsate. I could be wrong about that, but I think that’s what’s happening. Appears as the singer talks about how “we treat love.”

    0:54 The singer drops the title of the song as we see several pikmin standing on top of the modern white Nintendo logo. Pikmin first debuted on the GameCube but I can’t recall the exact year. The latest entry as of writing this is Pikmin 3, a Wii U title released early in its (short) lifespan.

    1:08 The singer says she’d rather try her hand at Rainbow Road as we get an overlay of the Mario Kart 64 iteration of the track. Rainbow Road has as far as I know appeared in every game in the series, including the first entry on the Super Nintendo, Super Mario Kart. It and F-Zero were designed to show off the “Mode 7” graphics effects of the console, basically mimicking (but not creating) 3D graphics.

    1:18 a battle in one of the first-generation (red, blue, yellow) pokemon games between a pokemon I don’t recognize and a Jigglypuff. The game is being played either on a Game Boy Color, a Super Game Boy (a SNES cartridge with Game Boy hardware and a slot for gameboy carts in it, letting you play gameboy games on your TV), or (most likely) an emulator.

    1:21 We see a Gengar (left) and a Pikachu (right) in what I believe are their generation 2 (Gold, Silver) sprites.

    1:29 I’m pretty sure it’s the same as the chorus edit at 0:37. I honestly don’t wanna spend the same amount of time examining it. I’m lazy like that.

    1:33 Same overlay as 0:40.

    1:40 Same as 0:47.

    1:44 Same as 0:51.

    1:46 Same as 0:54.

    2:09 Same as 0:40 & 1:33.

    2:15 Same as 0:47 & 1:40.

    2:19 Same as 0:51 & 1:44.

    2:21: Same as 0:54 & 1:46.

    Okay, those were all I could find, I’ll edit this as comments tell me what I missed or what the games I didn’t recognize were, since I know there were a lot of both cases, had to be. Anyway, hope you guys liked this, if ya got any questions about anything I said, tell me and I’ll answer em! I love talking about Nintendo and about video games in general!

  7. I have 2 things to say one:

    Me: * doing school tooning out the music*

    Me: * hearing it say Zelda* " Wait WHAT!!!

    2nd: I love Zelda the ocorania of time

  8. Scientists have approved that 1294872 people on the internet are lazy because they didn't even read that number.

  9. "This taking longer than Zelda" I'm actually playing Zelda botw but THE BOSS IN VAH NABORIS (I play in french so idk how this boss is called in english sorry) IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT MY GOD


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