More 3D Fights??? | DEATH BATTLE Cast #149


This episode is sponsored by Raycon (Go to to get 15% off your order!) and Bombas (Save 20% on your first purchase when you stop at This episode aired October 15, 2019. Our animator David gives us a behind the scenes look on working on our first ever Source Filmaker 3D Battle! Also, we are excited about the release our DEATH BATTLE dice and card game! Pick up the #DeathBattle card & dice game here:
You’ll get a LIMITED FIRST EDITION with 20 extra #RoosterTeeth themed cards! (No additional cost!)
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  1. Pick up the #DeathBattle card & dice game here:
    You'll get a LIMITED FIRST EDITION with 20 extra #RoosterTeeth themed cards! (No additional cost!)

  2. I got the card game…having trouble learning how to play? Anyone know how to explain it?

    Rooster teeth/Death battle is there a tutorial coming out? Also will there be more cards and packs coming? Lastly, is there a way to get the limited edition cards still? I didn’t know that was a thing until just now.

  3. Stop being so sold out of DBCG!!! I have nerdy board-gamer friends world wide that NEED experience this goodness!!!

  4. Basic cable is $40, disney+ can afgord the price since it has multiple revenue source in order to kill other services, tactics already ised by amazon and google

  5. Honestly, I stopped watching Death battle long ago. Got bored. But If you make more of these BADASS videos like this sick Dracula vs Ganendorf? You've got a lifetime fan and viewer. I think I speak for ALOT of us.

  6. So apparently I missed the window to get a copy of the Death Battle Card Game. Are you guys going to do another one with the extra cards? Or release the extra cards that were a bonus for the first shipment on their own? I really want to buy this game and hopefully you guys also do expansions for it. The concept for the game has so much potential and I'm sure that it will be fun as hell when I eventually get to try it out. I just hope I can play it in it's full capacity

  7. I liked the sponsors being said during the cast better, there separated segments just don't go as smooth and I skip the single person

  8. Hey I would love to see a Death Battle between
    Knuckles (Sonic)vs Bakugou (My Hero Academia)
    I think it would be a close one so can you maybe think about it? Please and thank you.

  9. I would love to see more 3D Versions of the fights. After seeing the RWBY vs. Persona I was blown away. Now I am eager for more after seeing the Ganondorf vs. Dracula as well. Spirites are nice and simple but it becomes freaken epic in 3D form. I would not mind if it takes longer to produce video to make 3D Fights sense it does take time but I think the hard work is well worth the wait.

  10. The Ganondorf vs Dracula fight animation is a piece of excellent job. Respect to all animators who contributed in creation process. More 3D fights ?? If their quality will be kept and people won't overwork I am for.

    Please send some DB Games to UK department of RT store. I definitely will buy one.

  11. A fight I know will have 3D animation is Zeref vs Salem (Fairy Tail vs RWBY) But we'll have to wait and see more of her powers. It would be awsome to see that. Not to mention they don't have a realistic way to kill each other.

  12. One battle I would love to see as a DBX or Community Death Battle is Cynder (Spyro the dragon) vs Riku (Kingdom Hearts). Both started as antagonists that were redeemed and became one of the primary confidants of the Protagonist, while still maintaining most of their dark powers.

  13. That'd be sweet.
    Two questions though.
    What about the old 2D animations in the vids? Will you remaster them like the Boba V Samos vid?

  14. I would definitely love to see more 3D Death Battles, particularly ones featuring Kingdom Hearts characters. I was disappointed by the Sora VS Pit fight, because of its pixel art presentation. I would've liked to have seen the two of them fight in 3D.

  15. Hey guys, the newest DB was really cool, but I wanted to bring up a small problem with the research. You used Link dodging a laser to deduce that Ganon had relativistic reaction speed, like how you said Samurai Jack did because he also dodged a laser. The reason why this is a problem is because Link knew a laser was going to be fired at him from a trap which had a delay between taking aim and firing, and also if he really does have nearly light speed reaction time, why would he ever get hit by anything? This "feat" is a huge outlier. I think you guys just looked too much at what you could see without thinking very deeply about it, something everyone does. Thankfully the outcome of the fight remains the same whether this feat is included or left out, but I would hate to see any future fight's outcome be affected by the same mistake. I left a comment like this on the actual fight's video but I just wanted to make sure you guys read it. Take care!

  16. Top 3 most wished Death Battles
    1.) Zim (Invader Zim) vs Crypto 137 (Destroy all Humans)
    2.) the Atom (DC) vs Yellow Jacket (Marvel)
    3.) Batgirl (DC) vs Kim Possible (Disney)


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