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Here is my Merlin full board game playthrough! This video was voted on by Patreon supporters, if check out to learn more!

Teaching Timestamps:
1st turn – 1:17
Principality & henchman explanations – 2:42
Mission cards explanation – 4:56
Manor construction action – 6:48
1st scoring phase – 36:09
2nd scoring phase – 1:06:08
3rd scoring phase & final scoring – 1:28:56
Wrap up – 1:32:29

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  1. Like I've said before the rondel is a majorly underappreciated game mechanic. It provides decisions but not so many to cause analysis paralysis and potential for other mechanics to seamlessly be added on like the dice here. I like how this game gives you many different means of gaining points so you always have something to do.

    Excellent work as always on this video.

  2. I completely wrote this game off because of all the negativity I saw around it, but after watching this playthrough, I really feel like the game looks fun. Might have to try it at some point. Thanks, Jon!

  3. Good job on reviewing..
    And if there were a prize for best board this would be in contention.
    Good components too.

  4. 32:32 That card you drew looks like cubes (building materials) not the octagon influence markers, as compared to the one already in your hand.
    Great playthrough. Enjoyed watching this.

  5. 53:45 Moved the blue player's henchman when you should have moved the red player's henchman
    54:13 Said "flag-bearer" when it was actually "lad in waiting" (played correctly, though)


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