Little Snatcher Walkthrough Part 9 – "The Arcade"


After being the events of the last episode and the Black Cats hideout no longer being safe for us or any tiny for that matter, we now must press on through the city’s downtown in order to find the secret laboratory. The first area standing in our way is an arcade filled with giant girls trying to relax and have some fun after a hard day of schooling, of course it’ll be anything but relaxing for us…

(With the newest update of the game coming out recently and the English translation patch by AliceMagic coming out shortly after (thanks Alice!), I was able to transfer my save over and now we will be going through the content we had left from the last update as well as the new stuff!)

Little Snatcher is made by Kanahebi, his twitter can be found here:

English translation version done by AliceMagic, which can be found on the GTS City forums.


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  1. 15:19
    they are not seen in a very positive light since they`re essentially just accessories for girls who want to stand out what mean?


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