LEGO Marble Maze Game (Labyrinth)


This is a custom ball maze game, commonly known as a Labyrinth, that I designed and built using LEGO pieces. The tilting maze surface is controlled by wheels on two sides of the frame. It features a removable storage container for the balls and a travel lock to ensure the maze doesn’t move while in transit.

More photos of this model can be found on my website at

I submitted this project to LEGO Ideas, and it has since reached 10,000 supporters, passed the review stage, and was released as an official set. Thanks for the support!

You can find more information at:

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  1. Your creations are more entertaining than what lego developed, I had about 50-100 kg of Lego and spent my childhood creating buildings but that is just super cool

  2. This needs to exist. We need to nag LEGO to make this a real thing. It’s so nostalgic for me. My grandmother and I would play this for a long time each time I went there and if I could play this version with her that would be amazing. Combining two of my favorite things, lego and the labyrinth game.

  3. You did not make this with what you have this is a real set you just built it with the instructions you didn’t design and create all this yourself


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