Kona Gameplay – Part 10 THE END – Walkthrough (No Commentary)


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  1. Unbelievable story, atmosphere and music. What a shame it's all ruined by the absolutely bad gameplay and the very poor effort given to details. For example you only search the same trash bins and all the houses are almost identical. A few improvements of the sort and a sequel to this would be amazing.

  2. A great game, could work as a mini-series on TV or something, except the ending just is disappointing. I know that throughout the game it shows a supernatural force being the cause of the frozen people, but I think the game could've been done exactly the same, but remove the instant frozen people and the Wendigo, have the wolfs be the only real enemy and keep it as a simple but extremely well made detective game, where maybe the ending you have to take on the killer, but that's not actually necessary. You could've taken out even the old man and have a single character, with flashbacks showing what happened (after you've set them up). You don't need a creature at the end, to make a great story.

    The worst thing, at the end, you're a completely innocent character who's chased by the Wendigo (for no reason, hell, you saved it); and to top it off, you don't even battle it, you just run away, killing wolves (made of snow?). So you don't even fight the supernatural beast. That's why they shouldn't have even included the supernatural element, just make a mystery game in that environment and you have a solid game.

  3. I couldn't finish this game because I couldn't get pass the wolves and Wendigo at the end, so this is the only way I can find out what happens after that. Thanks for posting!

  4. "when you disappeared, so did purity. i would defend purity against the winds, the tides, against ice and blizzard…are these passionate feelings not precisely the kind of feelings that could cause a storm, petrify people deep inside, create monsters.." this is the ending and it was not at all a disappointing ending for me. one of the most meaningful and soulful game endings i have ever seen. and there will be sequels to this game, hopefully the next one soon.

  5. not a bad game but not used very well either, i whish they added more suspense situations and stuffs like that like some mystery going on in the woods besides the wendigo, situations where we need it to lock doors inside certain cabins because the wendigo or wolves were trying to get in, something like that, good atmosphere, overall good gameplay but…….i feel like there was much things to implement and a more interesting plot could have been even better.

  6. Well, this game had everything but the kitchen sink! Survival elements, great environment, atmosphere, good narration, detective story, mystery, folklore, great back stories for the characters, conspiracy, alien nuts, dark secrets,.. I loved it! 🙂 I'd most defintately watch a sequel. The game has a lot more to offer, so I do hope its expanded on. As ever, thanks for a great playthrough Nokzen. You have quiet a few wintery survival type games on your channel and Ive loved watching them all. They're all derived from 'The Thing' I think, that sense of isolation in an inhospitable wintery location,.. I do love the concept. Great Playthrough, thanks for the entertainment. 🙂 x

  7. Absolutely fantastic game. The atmosphere was perfect, such a relaxing investigation to work through. However, I literally couldn't believe when I was crossing the lake to the other side of the map that the credits started rolling! Please make a part 2!!! They can't leave us dangling like this. We need to know more about these characters and the Wendigo!

  8. Hey mind if I use parts of your gameplay for commentary?I will give full credit and link your channel in the description.I'm working on a commentary video about KONA in chinese.If you feel like refusing me, it's totally understandable just give me a reply.If you agree it would help a lot.Anyway thx for uploading these awesome gameplay.

  9. interesting game. And certainly better than a lot of the typical horror fare. But it felt like they didn't really know what to do with what they had, so the ending was bit of a disappointment.

  10. Damn, end is kinda disappoiting but it was a nice game to watch. Thanks for your hard work and finishing game this fast. Best of luck and i hope you do more interesting games in future with this tempo 😀


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