It Will Find You – Full Game – Gameplay (Very Spooky Horror)


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It Will Find You is a first person narrative driven horror experience, utilising a reactive narrative system that alters the story’s flow based on player actions.

With a focus on environmental interaction and progressive narrative through game-play, It Will Find You aims to provide an immersive experience where the world evolves in tandem with your decisions, and a dark, twisting narrative is slowly revealed through fully voice acted dialogue.

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  1. Cool gamepay!But i dont understand this game dude that car was looking like a skoda from 2013 but the house it looking back to 1880 and the phone its from like 2007 dude whens this all happening?????

  2. Horrible controls: check. Confusing story: check. Curses because will make it sound cool: check. Shitty graphics: check. Pretentious voice acting: check

  3. That was indeed very spooky.
    And a bit sad & strange 2.
    But it's bit like the other Horror Game where a monster or whatever imitates voices.
    Uhm, did you played The Cursed Forest?

  4. Ok im back on your channel and… i dont have time to taste all this good stuff!! Thank u for stay there for us!!. My wishlist is endless !! 😊

  5. Huh… It's impressive how much different this playthrough is than the first one I saw. Makes me wonder what affects things.

  6. Cool game. It was brief but not shallow. The gameplay and environment were good and the story wasn’t half bad. I liked the game and enjoyed watching your play through of it.


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