Hungry Hearts Diner THE END


Hungry Hearts Diner THE END

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  1. Can i ask some questions, how do you unlock the (fried shrimp) dish, and where to start…. but btw congratulations and thanks for the vid it helps a lot….

  2. Is there a max level on food? Im in level 30 and i think its the max level coz it stopped there and the frenzy mode also stop. I dont get any frenzy mode anymore. The thing is.. my food levels are on level 15 and keep on leveling up. Is there a max level for food?

  3. I love this game, never in my life have I cried over an app game, I just beat it the day before yesterday and I was truly impressed with it, I loved the grandma, I loved the grandpa, the gameplay, the stories, the cast of characters, the music, the food, I loved it all. It's funny…I downloaded this completely out of curiosity and to find a cooking game that gave me a break from gatcha and rush event gaming. I was not disappointed with Hungry Hearts, I only wish they added a little more to it but despite it's limited content I still open it up to play it. I hope GAGEX makes a prequel/sequel to this gem or at least make it into an anime series, I'd watch it! 💞

  4. When I exit the game it won't save is this normal or is something wrong please I love this game and wanna play it

  5. I actually like this game, my diner level is 19, and been saving up for the Shinto Altar* but now I kinda don't know if I wanna. I kinda wondered what'd happen if I completed talking to everyone and unlocked the foods, part of me hopes for more, so thanks for this. Good video.


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