HUMAN CLAW MACHINE with mystery boxes at San Diego Comic Con!


The Crane Couple plays the human claw machine filled with mystery boxes at the SyFy event outside of San Diego Comic Con! San Diego Comic Con has tons of offsite events open to anyone, but SyFy really outdid themselves this year – they’ve set up a human claw machine filled to the brim with special mystery boxes for players to grab! It’s basically a giant mystery box claw machine where you become the claw! Come join us as we become a human claw machine for a mystery box win and also see our unboxing of the goodies inside!

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  1. Bonus video time! We did the human claw machine during our live stream on Thursday and figured it would be nice to edit it together into its own video 🙂 we got some cool stuff in the mystery boxes too! Let us know what you think and have an amazing weekend!

  2. Hiya watch mattandlaurajane latest vlog playing minion jelly lab. It's really worth watching! They live in Perth and I love watching THIER big sweetland candy pusher scooper blogs but today's tops them all.i don't know them just subscriber

  3. The human claw machine looks extremely cool and now I wish that I went to San Diego comic con and VidCon instead of just VidCon

  4. For it being free that's totally worth it. How do u go to these events it's it just like u buy a ticket n go or do u need to be invited n how do u go about looking it up because I always see u guys go to these amazing events n I live in southern California too n I would love to go to some of these places as well. I would also love to go to the Renaissance fair with u guys n dress up I think that would be awesome n not only that the big one is either in your home town or not to far from u guys depending on if they r moving it still or not.

  5. Glad you got this posted up 😀 I got to watch most of the line waiting but had to go probably 15 min before you got to do the claw. xD Great prizes!

  6. This is so cool! I've been without power and internet for almost 24 hours thanks to a storm. You all are a sight for sore eyes, haha!

  7. That looks fun! I hope you all have fun at SDCC! From a fan visiting Disney California Adventure! 😂


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