How to Reset Encryption Password on iTunes [2019]


Forgot iTunes backup password? Don’t worry. I’ll show you how to reset encryption password on iTunes, in this video. Surely, you may not unlock encrypted iPhone backup password but you can always remove iTunes encrypted backup password and set up new password instead. In this video I’ve explained how to reset encrypted data iPhone password, and set up new password. Many times people forget their iTunes Encryption password and then it becomes difficult for them to restore iPhone using that backup. But after you reset encryption password on iTunes, you can take a new backup and restore it to your iPhone.

So, go ahead and checkout this tutorial and learn how to reset encryption password on iTunes! If this video helps, do share it with your friends and loved ones!

➤ How to reset encryption password on iTunes?

Step-1: You need to launch SETTINGS on your iPhone.
Step-2: Go to GENERAL.
Step-3: Scroll all the way down and select RESET.
Step-5: Now connect iPhone to iTunes. You’ll see that there is no encryption for your backup anymore. You can now take a new backup and restore to your iPhone.
You can also set new encryption password if you want.

So that’s how you can easily reset encryption password on iTunes.

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  1. Plz dr I need a big help.. I am really glad with ur explanations in all the videos. My problem is that I backed up my iPhone with one of my friends lap top and I did the unencrypted back up and I already reset my phone. Then when I want to restore, it still asks me a password in encrypted back up although I didn’t do encrypted back up.So I understood that this happened bcoz of default settings of the iTunes which I had to check before backing up bt I didn’t. So may be the first owner has set the default settings with a password to use always encrypted back up. Anyway now I want to recover this but my problem is, in ur video u say to back up again means my new data in the phoneif I am not wrong? Bt wht can I do for my old backed up data with the password which they ask for? Is there any way to recover that my old backed up data coz I already reset my phone dr.. I am glad if u can help me out here.. I am so upset with this because I really need my reset data in my phone.. I tried so many things bt nothing worked yet to have those data.plz help me🙏🏻 thank u.. I think u r the best person to ask this as I went through so many youTubers but I am satisfied much with ur tutorials🙏🏻

  2. thanks alot for this great video , i want to do this option but i restored another backup on that i phone / most likely the old one is gone right???

  3. Thanks for showing how to do it. I spent 5 hours trying to figure on how to reset it. I was about to rip all my hairs up. I just got a brand new phone .

  4. i never make any encrypted password 🙁
    but when i try restore my backup it was encrypted and i don't have any idea about the password
    kindly help 🙂

  5. Hi there, I did all that but after a long time backing up my iphone, it ended up with an error with my backup. I've tried restarting my iphone & computer several times & it's not helping.

  6. Hello I had backup it before my iphone broke up.Should I do? I want to take my old imformation back so much. sorry for my language.Im not good English.

  7. Thx too much bro it’a really work properly and it’s I see too much videos on YouTube but I can’t find correct information but your is too easy and workable once again thx bro 😊

  8. To be really clear folks, this will not help you if you mistakenly made an encrypted backup (that has a password you have no idea what it is), then fully reset your iphone and then want to restore that backup. You cannot recover an encrypted backup without the original password you used to make it. Considering the numerous complaints on this issue, Apple should really invest a bit of effort in making this whole process more clear to people – perhaps making people use their itunes password to encrypt backups would be a better idea, not just yet another password that they set once possible many years earlier and then iTunes just keeps using this ancient password that people have forgotten. Considering the implications and frustration people are facing with this Apple should DO something about it.


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