How to remember glycolysis in 5 minutes ? Easy glycolysis trick


How to remember glycolysis in 5 minutes ? -This lecture explains about a glycolysis trick that will make you understand glycolysis pathway easily under 5 minutes. These are known as mnemonics to study complex biological process and pathways to explain glycolysis metabolism in details. memorize glycolysis pathway in 5 minutes with this helpful mnemonics.
This lecture will help you to –
memorize glycolysis in 5 minutes
remember glycolysis pathway easily
apply this glycolysis trick to answer metabolism questions from glycolysis pathway
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Thank you for watching the video lecture about glycolysis tricks and the easiest way to remember glycolysis in 5 minutes.


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  1. Hey sir ( im from pakistan) .. Can i get your email i.d ? I want your help in making my research proposal .. Please reply

  2. It's a bit challenging to learn if your dialect is not Indian English, but it did teach me that I REALLY like pie!

  3. Shomu’s Biology is a great guy. I used his channel to learn a lot of biochemistry concepts as a PhD students at Georgia State University. If you believe the same, please like this comment. I have also started a tutorial channel on organic chemistry. I will appreciate if you can subscribe to my channel. Again, Shomu is an intelligent guy and I love the way he teaches.

  4. I came up with another mnemonic because I was having trouble remembering this one. Go Get Food For the Dogs and Go Buy Pumpkins to Prepare the Pies. ENZYMES – He Passed the Pumpkins And Thought to Grab Plastic Plates to Eat the Pie. These flow better to me I was having trouble making sense of it.

  5. Sir your video is sooo helpful👍
    Plzz AP muje ye bta skte hai ki MSC microbiology entrance exam k lie konse topics important hai for better preparation ?
    Sir, Plzzz reply kijiyega.


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