How To Play – Twister


In this game tutorial, you’ll learn how to play the twisty board game “Twister.”

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  1. Make sure you subscribe so you can be notified when I post my "How To Play" video for the Jerry Maguire board game at some point in the future!

  2. if your cousins cant play this game call this number now 1-800-WINDOWSFAN for a free consultation for helping if you jumped on a rock trampoline and hurt

  3. We like to play the "Finger of God" variant where we play outside and replace the arrow thingie, as the rules refer to it, with a wind sock and let nature choose for us.

  4. Don't ever stop making videos. This has been so helpful for me. I never watched the movie so I guess I never really understood the theme. I've owned this game for years, but I've never played it. After watching this, though, my friends and I played this for hours! Thank you!

  5. Have you tried the legacy version where you actually have to cut off your limbs? It's a fun little variant that you can only play through once!

  6. Thanks The Dragon Stomb for another useful tutorial. I was going to buy this game for my kids but I can see now that the natural disaster theme would be far too scary for them! I think we'll stick with real estate games like Betrayal at House on the Hill, Mansions of Madness, and The Monopoly so they don't get frightened.


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