How to play one of the top 5 best board games for 2016 Circular Reasoning (According to Mensa)


This is one of the 5 Mensa Select Award winners for 2016!!!

Circular Reasoning is an abstract strategy game developed by two students at the University of Texas at Dallas, Tomer Braff and Edward Stevenson, under the name “Giant Shoulder Productions”. After being featured at IndieCade 2014, Circular Reasoning was then picked up by Ad Magic and is now being published under Breaking Games.

The board consists of a goal in the center and three concentric tracks of 16 spaces each. Each track has a gate to the next level, but the gates rotate around the board according to the number of tokens found in each level.

Each player gets a square, a triangle, and a circle, which move four, three, or two spaces respectively. In addition to racing toward the center, tokens can be used to block other tokens from using the gates to advance. Because of this, players must predict and work around their opponents moves to secure victory.

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  1. The game seems to be unattractive. When I saw MENSA, I thought it would be a fantastic game.

    Thanks for making this video.

    Please make a video on 'Maths teaching games.'

  2. Thank you for making this video! I found the game online and I thought it seemed interesting but I was unsure if I wanted to buy it. This really cleared up any questions I had and helped me make my decision.


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