How to FIX Taskbar Overlapping Full-Screen Game/Video


Task Manager → Windows Explorer (way bottom) → “Restart”

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Hey guys. In today’s video I explain how to fix your overlapping taskbar when playing full-screen or borderless full-screen games as well as full-screen videos. Thanks for watching. 🙂
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  1. This was so helpful! now i can play my game and not have to struggle clicking buttons at the bottom of the screen where the taskbar is overlapping!

  2. I have a issue while iam gaming taskbar tabs open when i press (wsad) on itself which i s annoying can any one help me fix this issue thanks

  3. Hi, how to not showing the taskbar when playing the full-screen game?
    Because during playing full-screen game, when my mouse touches the top or the bottom, the taskbar is showing and very annoying or cause my game losing…

  4. Bro i am having a similar issue but mine is a bit different. Im getting the uppar bar were we have resize,minimize,. And crose bar on uppar side so im having this problem in my watch dogs game

  5. Dude, thank you. I love how you just when straight into it, without an intro or any clickbait. I really appreciate it, man.


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