How to Build BATTLE-SHOTS | Giant Battleship w/ Free Plans


A huge thank you to World of Warships for sponsoring this video, Download the game here: and use code: PLAYWARSHIPS2018 for all the free items to get started!

Today on Modern Builds, I’m going to show you how to make BattleSHOTS; possibly the funnest kids game – turned – drinking game. The version I designed is totally portable and all of the pieces pack away into the game boards. If you’re interested in building this game for yourself be sure to follow the link below to the written article where I’ve got a 3D model, plans, and a cut list.

Written Article:

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Thanks for watching! -Mike Montgomery


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  1. Great project! Quick question…are the plans, etc., still available? The link to the website doesn't seem to be working. Thanks in advance.

  2. I definitely might have to add this to the games I rent out through Facebook. I have oversized yard games, but I may try to start specializing in unique drinking games.

  3. one slight problem with this board, can you not just look through the peg holes to your opponents side? they go all the way through

  4. So many specialized tools… Will there be a video on creating things with the simplest set of available tools?

  5. hey there Mike… how you doing? really love ur videos bro. really inspiring to continue/start (lol) practicing woodworking…. please could you make a modern pool table, that converts to a normal indoor table, with benchs where u store the cues and balls….

  6. No F-ing way. Dam you AI. How cool. Last video I swear. I can quit any time I like. I don't have a problem just like knowledge. Gotta work on soundtrack though

    pssss. worse than porn definitely worse than drugs or alcohol.

  7. you could drill 2 holes in the pipe and stack washers and put a screw through the pipe to replace your temp. hanger.

  8. Very Nice. I hope you will make more videos of turning ordinary games and "stuff" into more tactile version. Battle Ships just got way more fun – Even for my kids – Keep em' comming

  9. This is awesome. I've wanted to build one of these for years but could never find the time to do it…Finding the time would involve going back in time 10 years…I'm in my mid 30s and married so my wife wouldn't have approved.

  10. Is anyone else thinking "man I wish I had this back in college, screw kings and all those other drinking games" haha

  11. it bothers me that this thing doesn't fold up like a big briefcase. Where do you plan on storing this bulky thing?

  12. Or as it’s known by its other name “Alcohol Poisoning: The Game” 😂🤮 Looks fun dude! Fill half the glasses with soda, make it a mixed drink. Half gin, half tonic. Half bourbon, half ginger beer. Might be onto something there. Still would be sh#t faced.

  13. No freaking way!!! My girlfriend would love this! She has the original one and would always sink my battleship. Haha. Thanks mike!

  14. @6:30, Instead of putting an angle on the back of the boxes, couldn't you attach the top, with the letters/numbers, magnetically or does it need to be permanently attached?


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