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the ultimate Home Sweet Home Horror Movie in 4K 60fps PC Gameplay!
SHN Rating for Home Sweet Home ★★★★★

Tim’s life has drastically changed since his wife disappeared mysteriously. In one night, after suffering from the sorrow for a long time, he woke up in an unknown place instead of his house. While trying to escape from this place, he was hunted by a rancorous female spirit. Can he survive? Is this place actually his house? Does it relate to the disappearance of his wife? Some dark sinister secret is hidden inside this house, and it won’t be a place of happiness as it used to be any longer.

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  1. Truely give me a headache when u keep going on back n forth to tim n jane room n downstair.. i have to close my eyes for awhile to reduce the headache ….

  2. Excellent game play love how it all comes together and thats on all your games plz keep up tbe excellent work

  3. So I don't know anything about Thai folklore, but man that was cool! And the game seems to treat it quite earnestly, though I don't know for certain.

  4. 37:40 that was funny instead of scary XD, the monster was like: "hey fuck off, im trying to take a shit here"

  5. Just realized that I can watch scary videos when i'm hella sad. Like, fuck it. I wanna see ghosts, come at me. I'm hella alone.


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