Game Grumps Animated – Intrepid – by KLN


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  1. Wow, this is probably one of my all-time favourite animations! Found it through the new compilation reaction video – fantastic job!

  2. i love how every animation in the background is from an audio cue…you nailed every Lizalfos "EHH!", every Sword Swing, even Navi's targeting "LOOK!"…and then you went a step beyond and pulled a "High Ground" reference…damn great job, all around!

  3. The zoom in on links face with the z targeting was so perfect, really added to the "intense/nonchalant" vibe.

  4. my brothers old Pontiac's engine blew and we didn't know and when my parents were trying to start it, it blew up in my mom's face and flew shrapnel everywhere and nearly hit my mother.

  5. I do like the situations, like dan said, where arins in the role and its him wandering around but i ADORE this style where they are seperate from the protagonist

  6. I like to think that the Grumps are just those friends that are following Link around, and Link is getting annoyed by them.


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