Zeus presents Fright Night (un-emulated) for the Amiga A500, a spooky classic from the golden era of amiga gaming which must not be forgotten alongside the software house and all programmers that were involved in making this game.

Year of release: 1988

What a cool creepy game this is, locate your victims by entering the rooms in the mansion, ponce on them, bite their necks, drink their blood and get back to your coffin ready for the next night, all this with fantastic creepy music make this a classic!
Sorry for the slight graphic bug on one of the victims, i have an old cracked copy.

Hope all you Amiga fans enjoy this upload.

Please note: NONE of my game uploads are emulated in any way whatsoever, they are 100% original recordings by myself taken directly from the original hardware the game was intended for, that way you know you’re watching the real thing.
I will also always state weather i am using any cheats in the game, if not mentioned then i am not using any.
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Keeping the memory of the Amiga and it’s cool games alive!!!


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  1. This Could Be An Awesome Adventure Game Instead Of The Shitty Repetitive Platforming. Atmosphere Is Mega Fin' Amazin'. P:

  2. it's relatively short for an movie tie in video game this looks like an castlevania clone but it had portentional went
    wasted with one port of the game where as ghostbusters had various revisions at least there were comic book
    tie inn's of fright night as for the video game they could have bundled it with vhs releases of the movie

    for every purchase you get the video game free but totaly dissapointing though.

  3. to think this kind of gaming was available in the same timespan as the launch of the classic nes.. i knew one person who had games like this. the strange thing was he preferred the nintendo and frequently complained about the lackluster library the more powerful systems had as well as the obscure following among fans.. still those computer pc games had some much highr level graphics than any nintendo from then..

  4. The game feels like it doesn't have any real development or level progression watching this….

    I think I would have preferred a game more level based as Charlie Buster as the lead character or Peter Vincent….

  5. im a huge fright night fan…but this is a lil' bit sorta kinda lame…..i mean for one thing….would a vamp decorate his suburban house with paintings of bats and vamps etc…?….I THINK NOT!… 🙂 oh well….back to minesweeper…..

  6. We have ghost boobs in a video game! That is so sweet. I can't believe I never heard of this game! It's awesome!!

  7. "Why isn't Billy Cole in this?"

    "Billy's like, 'Jerry, this house is full of hands and ghosts, Jerry. You can't go to the bathroom without hands trying to grab you, Jerry. Jerry? What if a bunch if kids keep coming, night after night? What'll you do then, Jerry? The ghosts will kill you even if they don't.


    Jerry, I'm sleeping in the shed, Jerry.'"

  8. I have seen both the original 1985 movie and its remake. And frankly, I'm surprised they even made a Fright Night game way back then. Though from what I've seen, this game doesn't seem all that special. I like the idea of playing as the villain, but I think they could have come up with a better concept for the game. The graphics are okay for the time they were made. But what I really like about this game is the music.

  9. Time and time again I cannot express it enough,…games should have end sequences as a reward, it also brings me back to play them again and again,…i mean what's the point playing a game that just loops over and over or worst still just says game over.
    Thanks for the info.

  10. This game had one one the worst gameplay for amiga. Btw music and atmosphere used to scary me a lot. David Whittaker's great score

  11. Great game, gotta love those instant kills, this game was very hard for me when i was younger. always seemed to die very quickly

  12. Found it:
    "Watch the center symbol on the status line, the pentagram, for an indicationof the relative faith level of the person you encounter. Darker colors indi-cate little faith in the weapons they bear. Bright colors could mean big trouble for you"

  13. I honestly couldn't tell you mate, I never really took much notice of it.
    I'm sure instructions are somewhere on the web.

  14. Bottom left icons. Moon =time., and face =health and middle pentagram =?
    I thought it was victims left or a compass but it seems to change from purple to green at random. Any ideas?

  15. when u could subscribe me via e-mail how i can get the utilities to play this game on my pc (windows 7 64bit), then i try to pass tuesday just for u and the amiga games likers. But i cant promise everything ^^

  16. Yeah but sadly the game never allowed me to get past thursday even if bit all the guests, i'm guessing it's down to a game bug which causes you to wonder around the mansion endlessly on the thursday.

  17. As said in my description buddy, i have an old cracked copy and there was a graphic fault on this victim, sorry.

  18. Couldn't seem to get past thursday, there must be a bug in the game as i have had several copies and yet none of them seem to allow me to complete thursday even though i kill everyone in the house and return to the coffin room.


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