Fix USB Ports Not Working in Windows 10


Fix USB Ports Not Working in Windows 10

Having trouble with your USB devices not being recognized in Windows 10, tried all different USB ports on the computer or laptop and still no populating the USB device? I will show you the first step in fixing this common error Unknown Device. USB Flash drive and other USB devices are very useful so to lose the ability to use this devices because of an issue with the Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices. Troubleshooting this issue cannot be simpler, disconnect the USB device from the computer and type in the search windows “troubleshooting” open that windows tool and click “Hardware and Sound” then look for “Hardware and Devices” and click it to open that program. Let that program diagnose the issue and look for corrupt and missing drivers. It should find and fix the USB fault and ask you to reboot. Once rebooted, hopefully you issue should be resolved, if not then you need to move on to more advanced repair.

Try plugging device into back of the USB Port, also try reinstalling Motherboard Chipset drivers.

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  1. Someone please help.. I disabled my USB ports then re enabled them because I was having issues. Now my wifi adapter won't work and my computer wont shut down… Like what the the heck did I do??? When I click shutdown the screen turns off but the computer remains on until it automatically restarts and brings me back to log in……

  2. These Troubleshooting options do not even appear in my Windows 10 Home. There is not option for Hardware and/or devices SMH

  3. not work for me, can you help me to fix my problem. my notebook and phone can't connected. I use my phone to order computer can connect. and i use my Notebook to other phone not connect.

  4. Control panel > all control items > troubleshooting > hardware and sound, in this device (hardware and devices) option not coming. pleaes help

  5. My Windows 10 computer does show this Troubleshooter as shown above – is this quite an old diagnostic fix routine that Microsoft have unfortunately removed?

  6. 1 1/2 volts is not a lot of volts~ more than two, or serious drain on the bus, kinda disables the rest~ a externally powered makes more sense with some devices~ the DVD/CD player makes things grind to a halt~

  7. I would try this…. but my USB ports dont work so i cannot even get past the login screen cuz ky keyboard and mouse are usb

  8. Hello My HP all in One does not have option to select Hardware when Troublshooting. Only the printer. My 3.0 USB ports do not work. The 2.0 works but I need my 3.0 do not work and desperately need it to for my keyboard and mouse so I can use 2.0 ports for my memory sticks.

  9. Please could you answer, the troubleshooting section doesn't have the Hadware and Devices option, there's only keyboard and audio and audio recording and stuff like printer

  10. after finding Hardware and Devices, mines doesn't say anything about restart PC. Mines says Flash Drive doesn't have a driver or i can pick I don't see my device listed. Nothing else. What else do i do now?

  11. My USB3 fails to come back on when my computer wakes from sleep. And it is not even listed in the Windows device manager. Very frustrating

  12. sorry this fails my don't show devise troubleshoot option to use to click-on fo devise there, show all others, My Windows 10 Home

  13. i cant use my samsung phone i instal samsung driver to my pc but i cant use it !!! and i make all things in my phone like usb debuging and.. whats the
    solution then ?!!


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