FINISHING UP – How to make a Video Game in Unity (E10)


Let’s wrap things up!

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● Level Editor using Textures:

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This video is part of a mini-series on making your first game in Unity.


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Edited by the lovely Sofibab.


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  1. It was a guilty pleasure watching the view numbers steadily decline as the series progressed as I made my own way through this series. Good stuff, very helpful. I liked every video to help you up. Keep it up.

  2. Unity is so unresponsive on my compute I can't reorder the scenes in the build settings ;/ rippperomni

  3. Guys please in need your help at 7:50 the menu is not appearing on me it has only game object, recttransform, canvasrendered and image. What did I do wrong? Please help

  4. Before this I didn't even a single thing about Unity and now I'm confident that I can make a small game. You really are an amazing teacher!

  5. Hey uh guys can i have some help? I’ve typed the correct button code in but the Quit function doesn’t appear for selection on the button.

  6. Am I allowed to put this game on the App Store if I make some changes. Or would it not be allowed???? Plz answer…

  7. I needed to learn how to put the game in Android Studio. Can you help me? Thank you very much for your excellent channel.

  8. Thank you Brackeys.. This series was amazing. I learned a lot of things throughout your series as a completely beginner.!! Again Thanks for everything!!

  9. I added a simple if statement for the GameManager that made it so that if you hit an obstacle it can't show you the level complete screen if you hit the trigger before restarting the level. A tiny change but it totally makes a difference.
    public void WinGame()


    if (gameHasEnded == false)


    Debug.Log("Have some cake!");




  10. Can you make a random map generation to this game please.
    I tryed rly hard but and I can make the random obstacle but cant get the infinity leavle map.
    I tryed to use infinity loop, it simply crashed my pc

  11. While I really liked doing this and I think the series taught me a lot about using Unity, I still am completely stumped. I have no way of knowing what functions, variables etc. to put in C# as I’m completely new to coding and my only prior experience is Scratch. How can I learn what to even type into the program and is there a way I can learn this?

  12. okay so mission 1 (making my first game) is complete than what should I do next ????????????????????????????????????

  13. Many thanks for this series, you've done some awesome work, your tutorials are easy to follow and in depth without being too overwhelming, thanks again!

  14. If I made a multiplayer (peer to peer) game in Unity and I only share it with my friends (by USB), but everything in the game is extracted from another games, is it legal or not? And if it's not, would I get caught?

  15. completed all the scenes ….but facing one problem that after pressing start button scene01 start then game stops …not goiong to 2nd Scene….checked everything didnt find any mistake.
    plz help(if anybody had same problem)

  16. Seriously, it was interesting, i have learnt a lot, but will you suggest me some programs for beginner … to make a perfect 3d video game like Counter strike, Hall of Fame, Pub G….

  17. I had followed most of the other videos to understand the basics of Unity, and then I didn't watch this one and just tried to build a menu and credits and next levels, along with a pause menu that I broke by myself, just to find out that you explained everything I took a few hours looking at other tutorials and hard-to-understand text in other places, thanks for your help, since I ended up watching more of your tutorials for all of that stuff.

    PD. Anyone know how I can make my END script turn off my Pause script so that I can't pause anymore after I get my "Level complete" screen?


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