Extermination (PS2) Longplay (100% Complete)


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This is Extermination (PS2) longplay with all dog tags collected.


Intro – 0:00
Fort Stewart Rear Entrance – 3:23
Inside Fort Stewart – 10:03
The Transformer Room – 19:00
Roger Gets Infected! – 30:58
Emergency Security Lockdown – 40:28
First Boss Encounter – 1:06:51
The Main Compound – 1:09:02
Water Filtration Plant – 1:20:40
Ground Facility Bldg. B – 1:30:03
The Infirmary & Roof – 1:38:10
Tunnel Area D & Lvl 2 Access Way – 1:55:41
Infested Storage – 2:15:05
Lvl 1 Research Labs – 2:31:19
Lvl 2 Research Labs – 2:52:46
Second Boss Encounter – 3:29:33
The Power Reactor – 3:42:55
Infected Roger – 3:57:14
Maximum Security Area – 4:26:08
The LCAC – 4:43:55
Final Boss I – 4:56:16
Final Boss II – 5:00:10
Final Boss III – 5:01:14
Ending & Credits – 5:06:17

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  1. Back in 2001 when the game was fresh, I played the demo on that Jampack CD that came with some magazine. Fast forward a couple of years and my older brother who was in the Marines happened to come across a copy of it and mailed it home to me. At the time I was 7 years old, and I beat the fuck out of this game but I was sure as hell terrified lol… also, game shark was a thing on this game, I remember haha! Good times!!!

  2. Went into this game completely blind, though it was some army game. Discovered the plot with the main character…

    Awesome times

  3. This seems like a redub from the other version.
    What truly gave me a scare was this part: 31:38 however it was in full color.

  4. Ha, when they said they were going to the Army base "Fort Stewart" I was quite surprised to see snow, as the IRL Stewart is in GA.

  5. I used to look forward to weekends when I finally had one single day off from fitting pipes at a shipyard. I'd turn my AC down as cold as possible, turn off my phone, and turn off the lights. It was a good way to a spend a weekend, no hangovers the morning after. Back then a good 1 BR apartment was $350/month, now the same type of place is double that.

  6. I remember trying this game on PCSX2, and everytime "Roger" spoke the game slowed to like 0.5x speed. Was fucking hilarious. I own a legit copy now.

  7. Some parts of the RE3 remake suddenly reminded me of this game… Oh the childhood memories! My older brother and I would play the hell out of this and RE: Code Veronica

  8. So back in 2001 (i was 5) i actually won a ps2 in a contest and because jt was so new, almost nobody i knew had one but my dads friend Angel .he let me borrow a copy of this (this being the only game i had for the ps2 for like the first montj i had it) and i tried to play this. Never got past the part where the woman shoots the monster while shes on the catwalk. I was sooo scared it really freaked me out .

  9. I love finding like minded folks. What was the name of that a Xbox joint that was on the abandoned ship? Anybody?


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