Evolution Of Popoular Anime Crossover Games 1989-2019


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1. Famicom Jump: Hero Retsuden [1989]

nenriki86 –

2. Famicom Jump II: Saikyou no Shichinin [1991]

3. Cult Jump [1993]


4. Jump Super Stars [2005]

Cartridge Blowers –

5. Battle Stadium D.O.N [2006]

Games of All Generations in HQHD Jr –

6. Jump Ultimate Stars [2006]

BloodNinja111 –

7. J-Stars Victory Vs [2014]

Sploosh Gaming | Walkthroughs & Anime Gaming –

8. J-Stars Victory Vs+ [2015]

Jerzku’sGames –

9. Jump Force [2019]
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  1. Dont know how they will top the Jump Force graphics… it was a huge improvement over Jstars but not more fun to play

  2. If you think about it in the future we’re gonna have better anime games and that’s why we need to save the earth just a thought

  3. 100 more subs and you hit the jackpot, by the way did you get a sub in the last 4 hours and did he tell you I sent him.


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