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Dragon Collection by Konami Digital Entertainment

Join over 7 MILLION players around the world to become the next Dragon Master in DRAGON COLLECTION. This award-winning game from Konami is available now for FREE!

What others are saying:
★★★★★ “Awesome game! Highly Addictive!”
★★★★★ “I love this game!”
★★★★★ “This game has been the best social card game I’ve played thus far…”
★★★★★ “Really fun and simple to use. Definitely going to recommend to friends.”
★★★★★ “Wow! I really enjoy this game. Konami you did it again!”
★★★★★ “Great time passer and has an old adventure/RPG feel to it.”
★★★★★ “A fun and addicting game. You will enjoy it for a long time.”

The war between the Old Gods brought chaos to Dragon World. An alliance of Dragons, Humans, and the New Gods ended the tyranny of the Old Gods and order was restored. After a century of peace, evil has returned. The Dragons must be awoken again by a new hero. Immerse yourself into the exciting world of DRAGON COLLECTION and become the next Dragon Master!

• Massive numbers of collectible monsters, each with unique artwork.
• Collect your own army of monsters and combine them to make them stronger.
• Free daily monster giveaways.
• Discover the secrets of the Old Gods and Dragon World as you collect treasures and complete quests along your journey.
• Defeat powerful bosses with the help of your allies.
• Unlock the sealed dragons and add them to your collection.
• Fight against a mysterious band of villains and the evil dragons under their control.
• Enjoy epic fantasy music by the renowned Konami Music Team, the creators of many classic Konami video game soundtracks.

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By Konami

DRAGON COLLECTION is free to play, but charges real money for additional in-app content. You may lock out the ability to purchase in-app content by adjusting your device’s settings.

This is an online game only. Users must be connected to the Internet (3G or WiFi) to play.

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  1. Some may ask how this "game" made millions, it's pretty simpl, it is technically a game, the way a slot machine is "a game". In the traditional sense it isn't the Zelda, Mario, Dark Souls, Skyrim, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear World of War Craft type of traditional "Video Game", where you actually control a character in a world with fun freedom and a world with an amount of depth and feeling to play in. This is basically a slot machine at a casino painted like a video game, in fact some actual slot machines at casinos look like fun adventure games by the art and title but are just shallow lever puller slot machines. Konami basically made a legal form of gambling available for millions and touts it as "a video game". It is not a video game, and the reason it made so much money is that it is a gambling game, point blank. Konami just needs to go ahead and make their company into an online Casino and leave the real game making to people like Kojima, Miyazaki and Marcin Przybyłowicz.

  2. This is why I fucking hate mobile games, some indie titles are definitely worth it but for such a shitty game to lead a company such Konami to the state it is on today, it is mainly because of smartphones, now I have to endure looking at my friends turning themselves into dogs with plebchat and thinking that it's COOL and when they're done fire up these shitty games instead of having fun with real ones, basically 90 percent of my friends don't even know what is MGS, SH or RE and even if they do they simply say they are bad.

  3. this game is to dropout of world is quality is worst of all time this game is nothing like its anime i expected alot but get nothing

  4. You mean to tell the guy who helped make this hunk of shit got to be president of Konami while Kojima along with Igarashi, team silent, and the various other people who made Konami into what it is got shafted the fuck man. Seriously what the fuck do the Japanese see in this game.

  5. So they fired Kojima because he s looking at the Quality when he is doing a Game. Konami you are the worst! for what you have done i ll never buy a mobile game from you and i hope everyone will also do it. I won t buy shit quality. Greedy assholes. I hope you fail and begging on knees in front of Kojima that he is working again with you!!!!


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