Downfall (REMAKE) – ALL ENDINGS, Manly Let's Play Pt.6 (Finale)


Video contains all endings for Downfall (Remake), including the Golden (Good) Ending B “The Impossible”, Normal Ending A “On The Run”, Bad Ending C “Downfall”.

The Finale of my Let’s Play, join me as Joe’s story comes to a climax and we get a special cameo from a certain lady.

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“Joe, meet pointy thing.”

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  1. My original thought for this game ending was waaay cooler than any of these endings. I thought the Hotel and hostess was actually Baba Yaga pulling a silent hill 2 mindfvck. Ah well

  2. The dead in Good Ending of Susna is helping Susan get another job is Sales in Lorelai, because Susan is immortal and despite killing or burning, she still lives

  3. I kind of think this remake of Downfall kind of lacks the teeth and tries to go TOO far into body positivity… Insofar as it comes off a bit… hollow. As well while Golden endings are great this game suffers from "The best ending rewrites the plot" and it needed to vilify Joe a bit more. They needed the gameplay tweeks from this remake but more of the story from the original.

    Original Post: I'm confused. In the Wikia, it said that the creator said that the ending where Mitzi passes of cancer is canon.
    Imo, I think this takes place after the comeuppance of Adam but before Mitzi's death. I'm going to go scour the Wikia now to attempt to sort out my confusion.

    Edit 1: Ok now I'm confused about the timeline even more. After Susan died via the gas in Chapter 7, to get the two good endings, specifically the canonical one, Susan has to reject both the Queen of Maggots and her immortality. However, in the "best" ending of Downfall, when Ivy kills Susan with an axe, Susan revives with no harm as her immortality allows her to do. Yet, these events don't happen in The Cat Lady in the normal timeline. I'll keep looking…
    Edit 2: The Wikia says that the events of Downfall, specifically the ending, most likely take place after the conclusion of Chapter 7 of The Cat Lady but before Mitzi dies. On Mitzi's Wikia page, it says that in an interview that that ending (Mitzi dies of cancer, but not gas or explosion) is the canonical one, so that's out of the way. The Downfall page also indicates that the apartment complex burning down is also canon, which rules out The Sixth Parasite ending of Downfall (which I guess couldn't happen anyway since Mitzi there is already dead). But if that's the case, Susan ends up with an axe in her, by Ivy (The Impossible, definitely kills her) or by Joe (On the Run, unknown if injury or death), and lives without harm, meaning she reset with her immortality. I'm not sure how this is possible since the canonical ending has her cut off ties the Queen of Maggots and presumably her own immortality. Additionally, while I haven't found hard evidence yet, I think with the rest of of the assumptions I'm making that The Impossible ending is canonical. In order to live and blog past Mitzi's death, Susan had to survive both the axe attack and the subsequent fire, which she definitely does do in The Impossible but is unclear in On the Run. I'll keep looking.

    Edit 3, Conclusion: The ending of The Cat Lady where Mitzi survives the gas and the encounter with Adam but dies of cancer is canon. The events of Downfall, specifically the ending, most likely take place after the encounter with Adam but before Mitzi's death. It is most likely that the ending where both Joe and Ivy survive and the complex burns down is canonical, though the ending where Joe survives, burns down the building, and runs away with Ivy's corpse may also be possible.
    (The Sixth Parasite is definitely ruled out since Mitzi is dead of the gas or explosion and not of cancer. But I have problems with the other two. On the Run is problematic since it doesn't confirm Susan's fate, but she had to have survived both the axe attack and fire to live until after Mitzi's death. The Impossible is problematic because… HOW?! HOW is Ivy possibly alive?! The only explanations I have for this is Joe's god-awful mental health and that he's hallucinating, or maybe she was a ghost since supernatural elements are on the table, thanks to to the existence of the Queen of Maggots/Susan's immortality. But it was reported in The Impossible newspaper that both Joe and Ivy were suspects, leading people to believe that Ivy is alive, versus On the Run where people people saw Joe carrying Ivy's burnt corpse. So I'm either missing or misconstruing some information, or I'm stuck and need help. But at least I got some story details hammered out…)

    (Wait again. If Ivy really is alive, how is she cool with Joe for all he's done? Most of the events of Downfall were Joe's hallucinations, it's implied that he may have abused Ivy (the electrocution and Ivy's audible real-world screams) under the honest pretense that he was helping her, and he MURDERED PEOPLE IN THEIR APARTMENT. I feel like that might be a dealbreaker.)

  5. I loved The Cat Lady game but her presence seemed a little strange to me in this. It sounded like she made more sense in the original which I didn't see. This seemed like a completely surreal atmosphere like him traversing his wife's psyche and his mixed so to have a real person in the mix seems strange unless I consider the cat lady ALSO a piece of her psyche that in the golden ending she finally kills or in the bad ending takes vengeance sort of. Either way I like this developer a lot and enjoyed this I think. Thanks for playing it.

  6. The true meaning of this game: it sounds really weird for people with American accents to use British expressions and figures of speech.

  7. REALLY disliking these Cat Lady connection shit. Why do that to Susan? Either she gets fucked or becomes a villain herself telling people to kill themselves? Why do that to the character?!

  8. Ok after seeing both TCL and This, i'm 110% sure absolutely none of these plots make any sense. TCL just ticked me off because it told its story out of order so it was forced confusion.

  9. I know I'm super late but I like the change to Agnes, she was my favorite character in both versions but here her presence made sense while in the original she was a dream traveling psychic haunted by a rock star? And she helps Joe for some reason? And then she leave the story?

    I also like that we saw Joe and Ivy's relationship. We never actually saw Ivy in the game until the ending, where I though Ivy left him and he kidnapped some poor girl and started force feeding her. When you consider how important it is to the game's story and Joe's character I think it works a lot better.

    The cops showing up is a twist but it's also very jarring. And doesn't make sense if The Cat Lady is part of this universe.

    It's a good remake. It takes away the stuff that didn't work and replaces it with stuff that works better.

  10. I watched the gameplay for like three times and I still don't get what's going on. Is Joe imagining all these in his mind? Is Ivy been dead all along? How she died? Is this story take place after the Cat Lady? Can someone explain to me? :/

  11. i realized that "lily of the valley" fits very well into ending A and C, tbh


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