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Did something a little different for this video. I was originally just going to show the endings, but the video would have been about 5 minutes long, so I turned it into a Guide. If you just want to see all the Endings, here are timestamps:

Ending A (Normal Ending) – 0:42
Ending C (Bad Ending) – 6:15
Ending B (Golden Ending) – 12:46


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  1. i cannot get ending c! i've tried 2 times and have done everything in the video to get that ending. i always end up with 1 skull

  2. I don't get it. I picked every bad choice shown in the video, and I didn't pick up any of the letter pieces, and I still ended up with two skulls. I just can't get the bad ending for some reason.

  3. Mitzi gained a few pounds… maybe its a psychological thing to mess with the audience head since its part of the theme.

  4. then how did you get ending A if you werent an asshole?
    edit: ok its clearly since you only blew the candle out which kinda makes the rest of that process unnecessary

  5. The original downfall story made more sense as a stand alone game. The story in this one seems to be altered heavily to mesh more with the cat lady

  6. aww damn, im conflicted. I don't want Susan to Lose/die, but at the same time, i want Joe and Ivy to be happy together at the end. that's so frustrating. But Susan is still immortal right? so at the very least she will come back to life.

  7. Gotta love that Susan essentially got upgraded to Helen Street Monster Killer. The moment she appears in Downfall she's like "There we go again"

  8. I'm here trying to catch up with the latest game… Maybe I should've start with The Cat Lady first (Which I'm watching now and I'm getting a better understanding)

  9. Having gone from your play through of the original game to this remake, wow, they did an amazing job! Not just on textures but in gameplay and storytelling. Looking forward to watching the Cat Lady now! 😀

  10. I don't get what made Joe a parasite. I mean I know he killed people, but the ones he killed weren't real and it was the only way to get his wife and escape that world.
    I just don't get it
    And then he gets blamed in the end for his wife dying and being skin and bone when she was the one who did it to herself while Joe was just trying to help her.

  11. I missed two skulls on my first playthrough. I didn't find one the letters, and I made a poor choice when playing as Agnes (I didn't get Ivy to follow me).


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