DIY Gaming Chair – We built our own junkyard computer chair!


Rich and Jon love their high-end gaming chairs, but this got Jon thinking…Can we build our own…from a car seat…from a junkyard? Join along as 2GuysTek braves a Pick and Pull lot to find just the right chair for the project. Will it work out? Will it be….good?

Join us as we work through one of our most fun projects to date to build our own DIY gaming chair for less than $100. This turned out to be an affordable and fun alternative to a DXRacer gaming chair!

Many thanks to the Pick and Pull located in Sherwood, OR
and to our buddy Aaron who’s luscious beard is an inspiration to all!

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  1. so I saw this on Google as a guest…. I opened the app searched it liked and subbed this video was great should be up there.

  2. Has anybody told them that these are not mustang seats? These are china import racy replacement seats. Probably made in the same factory as their DX racer seats ! LOL This is a pretty fun project and works great for a lower use chair! Great Idea!

  3. I think it would have been cooler looking with blue and grey, but, it came out good, I'd use it. Subscribed!

  4. You know you're a welder when you get triggered by tack welds being referred to as spot welds 😂 (no hate, before I got into welding I'd say it too 😂)

  5. can i turn my normal chair into something comfortable? i get tired easily just in a hour and if i sit more back start hurting. can't even afford a offical chair. ;_,

  6. Those bucket seats in the Junkyard that retro one.
    Here in Philippines it can sell @ 10,000 PHP or 185 USD for that pair.


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