Classic Game Room – KABOOM! review for Atari 2600


Kaboom! review. Classic Game Room reviews KABOOM! for Atari 2600 from Activision released in 1981, a video game where you catch bombs in buckets after they’re dropped by the MAD BOMBER! Kaboom with the red/pink/purple label is an arcade style game where the player scores small amounts of points during early, slow rounds but gets more points as difficulty and speed increase. Kaboom! surely goes Kaboom after about round 4 or 5 when the speed picks up to a frantic pace!! CGR Kaboom video review features Kaboom gameplay from the Atari 2600 Activision game cartridge of KABOOM!


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  1. I ruled this game when I was a kid. An Activision classic! Brings back memories. Hey, does anybody know of a game similar to Kaboom! that is on PS4? A similar concept?

  2. There was a PC clone of this for sale on the Internet back in the late 90s to 2000, along with many other games like that, but I cant remember the site nor name of the game, but it was great. Anybody know it?

  3. There is a hacked version available on emulator sites called Kabul. It replaces the Mad Bomber with a Muslim Osama type cleric – much more RELAVENT to Today. Otherwise it's the exact SAME game!!

  4. Activision games always had some notable thing happen when you hit 10k pionts on the games.  In Kaboom the Mad Bombers face goes from Mad to like stunned ! @Lord Karnage   Love the Channel. 

    We made a game giving tribue to Kaboom's fun gameplay!

  6. I'm surprised to hear Mark didn't have this in his collection growing up.   In my neck of the woods,  this game was as common as Pac-man or Space Invaders.   Everyone I knew had a copy of this game.   Somehow I ended up with 2 Kaboom's over the years.    Great game.

  7. YESSSSS! This is the one of the games I truly found fun from the Atari days (pre NES). Not a big fan of the 2600 but this game is pretty special…imho!

  8. Kaboom! is my favorite Atari 2600 game! I also liked River Raid. Overall Activision had the best games for Atari 2600.

  9. my god…. it's the equivalent of ernie from sesame street in a 70's frenzy throwing bombs in an alley… psychedelic pitchup

  10. The only way to play this game is on the atari with paddle controls. If you play it on ANY of the collections or on Microsoft game room you have two movements you can make with the joysticks… either all the way to the left or all the way to the right

  11. thumbs up if you think mark should review excite bike for the nes and road blasters on the genisis

  12. I remember going to a family party as a kid and seeing this game on the host's television! I was amazed! My cousin was so good at it and she was a GIRL! It wasn't until decades later did I pick up a copy for my collection. Whenever I turn it on I'm brought back to her living room from ages ago…I feel like a kid again!


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