CGRundertow ZOMBIE FARM for iPhone Video Game Review


Zombie Farm review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Zombie Farm for iPhone.Tired of just growing crops and milking cows on your farm? How about growing a few zombies and invading the neighboring farm for brain!? Developed by The Play Forge, Zombie Farm is a real-time farm simulation game. Grow crop, harvest, build a fence and grow different types of zombies! This CGRundertow Mobile/Tablet review features gameplay and commentary from CGR’s Ashton.

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  1. Sign the petition to get it back plz

  2. Man I never got the game because when I was younger I never had a phone but I loved playing this on my sister’s phone. This game was epic and I’m actually sad this is gone and I never was able to play on my own phone:((

  3. For all of you who are desperately waiting for Zombie Farm to be available again as free mobile game please support & share my petition :)! Thank you so much!!

  4. Whos the idiot who decided to stop supporting and delete it? There arent even any clone games i wanna play this again so bad

  5. You should make this game for android users. I havent had an apple product in years and I miss playing this game

  6. Fun tidbits, the previous owners of The Power Rangers (Saban Brands) is the company who bought Zombie Farm and The Playforge’s other games! I dont know if the Playforge’s were struggling to keep up or if they just wanted to cash out while they could. Apparently Saban wanted to join the rise of mobile games, offered Playforge an unknown amount of money, and Playforge took it. People also say Saban is the reason why Zombie Farm was killed. Lots of layoffs and poor management I guess?

    Well whatever happened, rest in pieces to an amazingly addictive game that I wish they could somehow bring back 😭

  7. Literally my favorite game that’s ever been on the App Store. Genuinely saddening to see that playforge went under.

    So I was playing GarageBand (guitar) when I played certain notes that triggered this memory (background music). Searched “zombie farm” in the App Store but nothin showed… RIP OLD FAV GAME😭😪🙏💖🧟‍♂️


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