Carnival Guy Climbs Ladder Game Backwards!! Amazing Carnival Games and Epic Wins!


Today I play carnival games at the Butler County Fair. We find an amazing guy on the ladder climbing game climbing it and winning it backwards AND standing up!! He also gave me a secret at the ladder game and how to win it by positioning my hands and feet. I play a bunch of games like stand the bottle, balloon buster, ring toss, and more! These carnival games are not impossible, lots of skill is required to win – luck helps too! A lot of the workers will give you tricks to win at these carnival games. This was the same carnival I won knives at from ring toss.

Filmed at the Butler County Fair



Carnival Guy Climbs Ladder Game Backwards!! Amazing Carnival Games and Epic Wins!

Arcade Matt

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  2. How would you have poked your eye out when you have glasses!?
    And it wouldn't go through the glasses because the dart wasn't going that fast.

  3. I'd give that ladder guy a BJ in a carnival porta potty for that one. I love white guys who can do weird rare athletic things <3

  4. The Ladder Climb is like balancing a tightrope, that's why that guy can do it perfectly beacuse he did it carefully.

    I got this knowledge from Mark Rober

  5. They shouldn't be giving out live animals as carnival prizes 😬😬😬😬 especially goldfish in tiny little containers, it's inhumane. Goldfish continue growing when they're in a sizable place and can actually get quite large so when they're kept in tiny tanks it's killing them very fast

  6. Can I just say remember the guy that lost all his life savings at the carnival and all he had left was a banana with dreadlocks well I saw some on the left at 11:13

  7. A dart literally bounced back after contact with the rubber ballon. That shit alone should tell you it’s a scam.

  8. Aliens are real because UFO they come for the planet!!
    And my friends believe aliens are real!


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