Browns vs. Chargers | NFL Week 13 Game Highlights


The Cleveland Browns take on the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 13 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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  1. Am I the only one who notice the Chargers wearing there color rush uniform on a Sunday game? I thought they were meant for Thursday nights. 🤔

  2. The browns pass on Carson wentz Julio jones and some more good players they are stupid Asf they should let me pick they player 💯 the deserve too lose BTW a big browns fan

  3. Last season the chargers lost to the browns because of a missed field goal by the chargers to tie the score up to 20 20 to bring it to over time

  4. The browns have hope for the future if they stick with Jackson and Kizer. You will never be able to rebuild if you keep rotating through coaches and quarterbacks

  5. I don't really understand why the Chargers stadium was empty and full of Browns fans. The Chargers are pretty good right now. -Old Chargers Fan till the Chargers left San Diego.

  6. Hey I have never been INTO football I always thought the men are fine I'm HOPE I get me a fine black one no harm to be taken he'll in the BIBLE THE WHITE ONES IS FINE AS HE'LL 2 I LOL HOPE I GET A FINE BLACK ONE

  7. Browns have been a joke some seasons they have looked promising but then they go back to their reality of losing😂😂😂. Browns are a joke and they would not beat any team in the afc.

  8. Josh Gordon is a somebody… My Lord. Check my weekly game predictions on the NFL.

  9. Has anybody noticed a similarity between this game and the Chargers-Patriots game? In both, the winner scored plenty of FGs but not enough TDs. Chargers need to score more TDs than FGs or their chances of winning in the Playoffs could be in jeopardy (as many others have pointed out before me).

  10. Cleveland needs radical change now and especially off season for 2018 . Start by firing the whole coaching staff right now . i mean when you got nothing to lose try player coaches for the rest of the year, etc I mean the offense is unimaginative and the defense of players seem like they don't know where they are supposed to be, and the defense really flags, they are out of shape primary owner and shareholders need to spend money on some experienced older players or make trades . they gotta go back in the day and make these guys study every day on the playbook . and i mean hard copy . they probably give the players computers when spreading out your playbook sheets on a table , a players floor, on the bed is much easier to connect the dots and remember tougher off season training . and so on and so forth . if the cleveland browns players have the lowest iq in the league then get rid of the them and start with a fresh team with intelligent and tough players from young to older player free agents and trades . i mean just pick some tough looking guys on the street and teach them how to play . same for trying out mma and rugby and hockey players . I MEAN THE RADICAL CHANGES IN ITSELF WILL GET THE TEAM PUMPED UP . THEY MAY NOT WIN BUT IT WOULD AT LEAST BE AN INTERESTING EXPERIMENT . AND ONE MORE POINT : PLAYERS HAVE TO STOP HOTDOGGING WHICH SCREWS UP THEIR CONCENTRATION, I MEAN ALL OVER THE NFL I HAVE SEEN THIS . AFTER THE GAME YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU LIKE . IN FACT I THINK THE WHOLE NFL TODAY WOULD BE MINCEMEAT FOR THE NFL TEAMS OF THE 1970'S AND ESPECIALLY THE PITTSBURGH DYNASTY OF THAT ERA .

  11. Seriously why are the browns still a team? They are a complete joke! I’ve seen high school teams do better then them!


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