Blasphemous – Final Boss & True Ending


Blasphemous Last Boss Fight & True Ending

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  1. So a lot of people in the comments are saying that the Miracle was over when The Penitent One killed himself but what exactly about "Penance never ends, but changes, hurts and condemns at will" and "There is no place for the Penitent One on the other side of the dream. His place is here, among us" makes you think that before Crisanta pulled out the sword, everything bad happening in
    Cvstodia would've ended. I mean, Deogracias literally says that it would've been over, but the plans of the Miracle prevent this.
    Next, we learn that the Penitent One is now the new Father and the last son of the Miracle (oh hey look more evidence that pre-Crisanta the suffering would continue like under Escribar) and then Crisanta prevents this by pulling out the sword and saying "and thus… shall your name be erased under the heavens…". A lot of people seem to think that Crisanta is a zealot and that this action is an attempt to continue on the worship of the Miracle. Um, did we just watch the same scene? Because we literally saw her kill the new religious head of the church who was undergoing the same process as Escribar. These are not the actions of someone wishing to uphold the faith, but instead the actions of someone trying to stamp it out. After her battle with the Penitent One and the subsequent defeat of Escribar she becomes disillusioned with her faith, not more zealous.
    In summation, Crisanta is not opening up some new fresh box of punishment for the land of Cvstodia, but instead preventing the rise of a new Escribar. Being seemingly high ranking in the church she would know the origins of Escribar and his transformation, when seeing the marching throngs of people worshiping the Penitent One while he undergoes the same changes she decides to actively defy the will of the Miracle and puts an end to it.
    Anyway, that's my take, if there is some piece of evidence that destroys my entire argument go ahead and reply telling me.

  2. LMAOOO i was hella mad when my character started doing COMBOS on that chick when I beat her instead of killing her I was like BROOOO WTF THATS GONNA BITE OUR ASS HAHA

    but yeah in the end I got the bad ending so

  3. Why did crisenta took the sword out of the penitent one body? And why there's a wind blowing sound after you beat the game?

  4. Just so people know, they announced dlc for this game. You play as some golden skull lady, who is possibly Crisanta? There's almost no clues about it and I don't know if it's still in development.

  5. It feels like I saw this ending in several games before – Diablo 1 is the most prominent example, and Salt & Sanctuary bad ending is the best soulslike example. Nothing original. The game itself is a copy of DS, S&S, HK but just in another setting.

  6. Wow… All that for nothing. Why even bother?

    What edgy, nihilistic, pretentious, pointless, grimdark, Hot Topic shopper bullshit.

  7. I wonder how long the Penitent One lasted being a messiah until that bitch retired Mea culpa, was it immediate? or hard it took a few years, because it doesn't have the same armor she was wearing when you stab her like 7 times.

  8. So what does it mean to take your sword? Will you stop being a tree or something? or is it like "blasphemus 2 is coming" or something like that?

  9. I belive this is an allegory to the biblical concept of Jesus dying for people's sins. At least my interpritation so far is that during the First Miracle the young man effectevely became a penetent one for all sins. THus why he was silent , he felt nothing but guilt for humanity , and through his act of penance humanity was temporarely relived from Penance. But when escabar turned his throne away from people he invited it all over again , and the Grievous Miracle started affecting everyone in the land , partually through the ASh Pile and the hordes of the miracle , and in general blessing those that carry guilt with Penance. The idea is that the Thot is penatent in blindness , so she blindly follows the voice of the church , for she has no way to see anything on her own. While our guy , The Penetent in silence, can witness everything but has no voice , so this is the only thing he could do , silently comunicate with the Griveous Miracle and become the symbol fo penetence , suffering silently so the rest would be spared the fate that Miracle would bestow upon them. However , the Thor , being Blind in Penatence , couldnt see the results of that action and still carries the will and the voice of Escabar , and that leads to the miracle manifesting itself in the new form and way. Perhaps her fate is to follow Escabar and become the child of the miracle in more ways then just loosing her eyesight,

    For those unaware , our Penitent is mute , the miracle litteraly cursed away his ability to speak . While the Thot was cursed in the simular passion , but she is blind and cant see. Perhaps she has no eyeballs ? who knows how litteraly the miracle made her blind. Maybe it even striped her of her own free will making her the instrument of the miracle.

  10. The first time I read the name of the final boss of this game, Escribar, I could not help but remembering Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, Spanish Catholic priest, founder of Opus Dei. This Escriva had no superpowers, but was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 2002.


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