Blasphemous – All Bosses [No Damage/Magic] + All Endings


Blasphemous on Steam:

Bosses in video:

[00:00] 1. Warden of the Silent Sorrow
[01:22] 2. Perpetva
[01:58] 3. Tres Angustias
[04:51] 4. Ten Piedad
[06:31] 5. Our Lady of the Charred Visage
[08:23] 6. Esdras, of the Anointed Legion
[10:46] 7. Melquíades, The Exhumed Archbishop
[13:18] 8. Quirce, Returned by the Flames
[17:53] 9. Exposito, Scion of Abjuration
[19:26] 10. Crisanta of the Wrapped Agony
[21:47] 11. His Holiness Escribar/Last Son of the Miracle


[26:42] Ending B (The Path of the Unworthy)
[29:13] Ending A (The Path of the Believer)


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  1. Crisanta was for me the best boss fight in the game. I always found ways to spam dodge and power through the enemy with the Increased damage item (lowers defense, but I still manage). But then, Crisanta appeared…. you either learn how to parry or you die. She was my best teacher in this game, I'm sad she is the semi-final boss…. You made it look so easy though! Great vid though, although it did made me feel bad XD

  2. This is basically 2D dark souls

    I mean hollow knight is similar to dark souls but not as much as this one

    Btw play hollow knight its probably one of the best metroidvania ever, easily in my top 3 games

  3. I hadn't noticed before but our lady of the charred visages eyes track your movements. That's a cool detail I think

  4. I had this game for a bit but I’m getting too old to play these games where you need excellent skill and reflexes. Sigh 😔

  5. La neta el Esdras me partio la puta verga como 600 veces hahahaha ya hasta que ma pelo el wey y pude avanzar.


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