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Best Kindred According To lolskill – Challenger Kindred Jungle Full Gameplay – Patch 10.9 Season 10 S10 2020 – League of Legends (LoL)


If the opgg link isn’t working that means the player has changed the summoner name


In this League of Legends kindred gameplay you will see kindred s10 played by a challenger kindred season 10 This kinded 10.9 is really skilled as he is in challenger and he will show you how to play kindred jungle properly so this can act as kind of a kindred guide. I hope you enjoy this lol kindred jungle s10 gameplay.


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  1. idk man this is just a whole different game from what i'm playing. Maybe people in challenger are actually awful idk. Or maybe games are just more balanced. Just learned kindred, played like 15 games and even when I got decent i'm seeing enemies with like 150 cs at 15 minutes even if I gank their lane and kill them (which is unusually difficult too). Not sure if he's on a different server, or if they somehow flagged my account or what but my enemies are WAY better than his, and my allies are WAY fucking worse most of the time. Again, it can also be the balance. That singed had like 70 cs at 15 minutes, but it doesn't mean he's worse than top laners in my games, just means there's more balance (Jayce was actually fucking present in the game unlike my top laners). Just wish I could play real games like this. w/e this nightmare mode is they have had me on the last few days is just making me want to quit the game. I even played my main (vi) and went like 15/0 in the first 20 minutes but still couldn't wint he damn game because every enemy had 10+ kills because my team was just so fucking awful. Then there was no pressure and only 1 of me and 3 lanes…so eventually I just had to lose. That's when I knew 100% for certain they are rigging my games. I think maybe it's from getting a 2 week ban, like once you get that they put you on some sort of shit list. It wasn't like this until after the 2 week ban. I was easily climbing toward plat as usual, then got 2 week ban for inting in ONE GAME because I got trolled and just wanted to move onto the next game. So yeah don't int, they watch games now lol. Apparently it only takes 1 time of doing it to get a 2 week ban too which is fucked up imo. It was a bullshit game, we had an afk and a guy who took my jg, then when I bought doran's shield he took mid and I couldn't even kill a jg camp so it was pretty much 3v5 BS game and i get banned for that shit. Fucking bullshit tbh. Meanwhile I have encountered about 20394823094 trolls since then and none of them get punished so yeah you know how Riot fails at most things? Well they fucking fail at their banning system too. Probably full of bugs like eveything else we just can't see them because it's all under the hood / behind the scenes.

  2. interesting that he's playing kindred like an adc, i'm surprised this is this season because I thought they nerfed the shit out of junglers actually doing damage. Whenever I go damage on any champ I just get one-shot by everyone, even just with 1 or 2 damage items. Maybe you just have to get stupid fed early on or something and really snowball?

  3. yeah ok. I just bought this champ and played her and I HAD NO CLUE HER ULT WAS SO FUCKING USELESS. I always thought she just made herself invuln??? I played this game for years not knowing it makes enemies invuln too. That's the dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard of in my entire life. I'm trying to find a way to win 1v9's here. That's pretty much 80% of my games. How the fuck is extending a fight going to help me when my teammates already respond to 0% of anything that happens anywhere? If I go invuln, and enemy goes invuln, we just fight longer and whole enemy team shows up, no matter where on the map lmao. I can see how extending the fight might help in challenger or w/e when you have teammates but i'm in gold 3 right now and this is not going to work. At all. Ulting will just turn a 1v1 into a 1v2, 1v3, 1v4, or 1v5. Then heal the whole enemy team as they gangbang me. That's all it's going to fucking do. In the few games where allies respond, it won't matter because i'd win anyway. If you give me an actual team who responds to literally anything i'll win. Everything. Only time I lose is when people just ignore shit and play like bots, which many of my teammates do in gold and even when I get to plat. So yeah wasted my fucking BE on kindred, and OE or w/e on the skin for her. Will probably never fucking play him/her/it again.

  4. "Solo Carry" ?
    Ive only watched 10 mins so far but so far 1 kill she inted for and gave a kill to enemy bot lane, and the other kill she straight up stole from her 2/0 hypercarry top lane who had double the enemy's farm.


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