Be A Human Claw In A Pool Of Snacks


The Festival Mall in Alabang, Philippines holds the annual Snacktacular event, where you can dive into a pool of snacks as a human claw. The attraction is called the Snack Catcher. You are strapped into a harness and lowered into a pit of snacks. Participants use their legs and arms to claw at the chips, which you can keep afterwards!

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  1. Pool of snacks ??😤😤😤 can change it to pool of money 💵🤩🤩🤩 or electronic devices 📱 💻 🖥🖨🎛

  2. Awesome concept.. Would love to be able to fund this type of game or event for the kids in my neighborhood/community.. Especially in these days… Creative, safe & FUN outlets!🙏🙃


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