Basket Case Headband Hoop Game


Someone sent us the Basket Case Headband Hoop Game, so we’re competing against each other for, yet again, another cupcake. Whoever gets the most in will win. Place your bets! Who do you think is gonna take the cake?!

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  1. Heyyy. The sad music is the same as "Avalon (World of Hazelle)," "Merlin Homecoming," and "EMR Ending" from the computer game Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge. I love the melody. ;w; <3

  2. Martina should've licked up the cream that was still on Simon's mouth. That would've either been extremely gross or extremely cute.

  3. And when you're bored of playing, you can always use it as a headdress and pretend you're Nefertiti. Or something.

  4. The Sound effects are hilarious xD makes the videos 100x Better ! I love you guys ! Your videos always make my day 😄💜

  5. Omg, the cupcake frosting is so pristine and smooth, where did you get these delicious cupcakes, I wanna know! Pls

  6. Thank you to whoever is doing all of these French subtitles.  It doesn't show us your name, but thank you for putting in the effort.  We really appreciate it 😀

  7. Who else thought Martina was going to slap the cupcake out of their hand? Please tell me I'm not the only one!!

  8. I hope you gave that poor girl a cupcake!! There were four and I only saw three being consumed. I remember what happened the last time Martina lost the rights to cupcake-eating. 🙂


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