Amiga 500 Longplay [069] Fright Night


Played by: Ironclaw


One of the reasons I didn’t longplay this before is because it has a lot of boobs everywhere Smile, and YouTubers tends to LOVE flagging videos for the smallest of things, so will add a warning in the title.

I didn’t bother playing good/carefully… skipping jumping over hands, etc. I could use savestates when needed, so Pfft

10:38 – At this point I noticed I missed one, and went back. Here’s why: I followed this Let’s Play ( but he couldn’t complete Thursday and blamed it on a bug/glitch/bad crack. So, after I noticed the day didn’t complete, I felt like checking all the rooms again, but edited the memory so I had unlimited health to save time and effort. I noticed that there was a girl in a room I visited before, so I loaded a savestate of where I hadn’t visited that room yet, and went in, killed the person, went out and in again – and a new one appeared. This is what he didn’t know: Monday-Wednesday only have one person in a room, no more if you revisit it. All the other days can have up to two. I agree with him about taking one side at a time is best.

11:51 – Showing her reaction changing when I’m at different distances, although just two different changes for her, three if you count her throwing stuff. Doing it one more time on the final victim 24:52.

Monday is smaller than the other days (and doesn’t include any hand or ghost enemies), but all the other days are the same size (it seems). The later days had the same amount of people in the same rooms, so the only difference from Tuesday to Sunday are the amount of people.

The game has no ending and just starts over from Monday after Sunday is done (so I ended the game after Sunday). but not from the normal Monday. This new Monday has all the rooms just like Tuesday-Sunday and start with the ghosts and hands. It also has more than one person in some rooms (not at the same time of course). Soooo… the new Monday is like the days after Wednesday. I wonder if each new day after the loop would have more people in the rooms. Probably still a maximum of two, but eventually maybe have two in each room, whereas on Sunday (the last recorded day) it had two in some, and one in some…

The decor/furnishing of the rooms seems to be randomized each time you start the game, but it always has the same enemies/people in the rooms.

As I didn’t wanna risk any graphic errors or other problems, I played it on a standard A500 (with some extra memory). This causes annoying slowdowns when entering/exiting rooms if there’s enemies on the screen.

If you jump at a victim at the right moment, you end up on them (not above), and no biting triggers, so you need to move back a bit in the direction you came from to trigger it.

Extra memory will load more graphics.

There are three symbols at the bottom – left = time | middle = the damage (called “faith level” it seems), and the darker the color, the more damage the visitors’ weapons will do | right = health.

00:25 – Monday
01:28 – Tuesday
04:21 – Wednesday
08:12 – Thursday
12:19 – Friday
16:39 – Saturday
20:59 – Sunday
25:22 – Killed myself to show the death + highscores.


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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing, I was 15 years old as I played this game now I’m 45. İts 30 years old game. I couldt survive thursday. Now I know why. Thanks again.
    It was one of the best amiga 500 game with the grafics.

  2. Not sure why they did PC Adlib/Commodore 64 SID style musical 'instruments' on a computer with 4 8bit 28khz sample channels based computer like the Amiga. FAIL!

  3. Chris Sarandon did a fantastic job in the movie, so a Fright Night game with the player assuming the role of Jerry Dandrige was very well deserved!

  4. can you upload the game…almost this game(bad copy) i cannot finish wenesday?i think bad copy can you upload yr fright night version

  5. I saw this game long time ago when I was a little child.
    It gave me nightmares for few days, but these days I remember this as an childhood experience.
    Funny thing is that even though I saw this game only that one time, it stuck into my memories & I remembered this game my hole life till this point.

  6. So you got a house where ghosts and zombie hands try to attack the vampire protagonist and humans that wait in a corner and toss stuff instead of leaving?

  7. They er, they…really went overboard with the breasts didn't they. Kind of surprised the female victims don't have them out. I guess it is his house so he can decorate how he likes. But having statues and paintings with obvious red dots on their chests isn't really very appealing. Just saying.

  8. For being a game made in 1988, I love the horror imagery. It's almost up there with games like Splatterhouse and Chiller. The "Dem Bones" room is particularly gory.Overall, I like the layout of Jerry's mansion. In the movie, it was pretty cool looking, and here it takes on a sorta twisted, Addams Family vibe(only creepier). In horror(in general), I kinda miss that sort of thing. Where "haunted houses" didn't look all too old and ancient, and the creepiness came from it's dilapidated appearance, but from the creepy things you find inside. The house could very well be kept in good condition(and have deranged, live/or undead occupants), but you find all these creepy instruments of torture, a mad science lab in the attic, a mausoleum in the basement, shrunken heads on the mantle and human remains in the freezer… that's my kinda creepy.Another game that gave me that "feel", just not as gory(and more hilarious), was Maniac Mansion.


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